Only by ending the siege of Gaza can Israel protect all citizens

Teresa Trainor warms up claims by the Israeli authorities that the latest attack on Gaza was designed to thwart an “immediate and concrete attack” (“Israel are only defense it from jihadist terror threats,” Letters, August 10).

This is difficult to reconcile with the Israeli military’s surprise attacks on several senior Islamic Jihad officials in their homes, the continuation of the bombardment into a third day and the subsequent boasting by senior Israeli military officials that they “killed the entire Islamic Jihad top security cadre”. .

Ms Trainor insists that “Israel halted airstrikes when it became aware of children or other civilians in the target area,” but when they targeted senior official Khaled Mansour at his home in the overcrowded Rafah refugee camp, they also killed five civilians.

Aside from killing innocents, the policy of targeted assassination that the Israeli authorities boast of normalizing internationally can only serve to nurture a younger leadership even more committed to the struggle. But that doesn’t matter; the Israeli establishment has long concluded that the entire population of Gaza should be considered an “enemy entity,” and the recurring “lawn mowing” has become an integral part of the Israeli election cycle.

Only by ending their atrocious 15-year siege of Gaza, ending the illegal annexation of the West Bank, and granting full equality to the Palestinian people, wherever they may be, can Israeli leaders count on real security for Israelis and Palestinians alike work towards

Brian Ó Éigeartaigh, Donnybrook, Dublin 4

Liz Cheney would be the ideal candidate for the Democrats

Jennifer Rubin has low hopes for Liz Cheney’s chances of a Republican ticket nomination (“Liz Cheney’s fettle will test by Taking on Trump”, Irish IndependentAugust 9)

However, as presented, she would be an ideal Democratic candidate. She has all the credentials that some previous Democrats lacked.

Michael Foley, Rathmines, Dublin 6

The government should lead by example on climate issues

The earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago. We, modern humans, have been around for about 300,000 years. That’s about 0.007 percent of the planet’s existence. Now we find that, due to our greed and collective political choices, we have caused irreversible changes to our planet’s climate and environment.

When you smoke you take responsibility for getting your lungs dirty and sick, but we force the earth to breathe in our filth while fossil fuel companies make obscene profits.

what can be done Some things as individuals – the power of an individual. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Reduce meat. Turn everything off when not in use. Use public transport. Don’t fly.

You can avoid consuming intensively farmed animals, but if you are poor you don’t have that luxury as you need cheap protein; You also need money if you want to insulate your house, install solar panels, install air-to-water heat pumps, switch to an electric car or switch to energy-saving light bulbs.

But the government can do much more. Make public transport free or at a nominal cost; increase tax on aviation fuel; introducing (or banning) a congestion charge for private cars entering city centres; lower taxes or incentives to support locally made products with short supply chains; turn off part of the power grid at night; Insist that the majority of scientific research investments are tidal, wave or solar. The tides that lap our islands are waiting to be harnessed.

Sometimes the government has to act like a responsible parent.

Alison Hackett, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin

dr Eva may have a “big ego,” but clients see tremendous results

Pat Stacey’s article on Dr. Eva is true (“Eva Orsmond’s arrogance and selfishness is not what the doctor ordered”,, August 9). Claiming that her confidence is growing, Pat’s response, “if it gets bigger, they’ll have to take some interior walls out of the hotel to fit it,” is very apt.

But ego aside, I’m one of their fans. She doesn’t mince words, but she’s the best in the business. Irish doctors say, “You could lose a little weight.” Eva barks, “Step on the scale, you’re too fat. The Irish aren’t logical with their weight.”

I’ve lost over five pounds in two months, I know the value of a low carb diet, my cholesterol went to four and blood sugar went down.

Confidence may not be Eva’s strongest trait, but her many clients can overlook that and attest to her success.

M Docherty, address with editor Only by ending the siege of Gaza can Israel protect all citizens

Fry Electronics Team

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