Osprey mother watches as she vigorously protects her eggs in the nest from hailstorms


If anyone deserves a Happy Mother’s Day, it’s this bird.

Cameras on Tuesday night caught a female osprey resolutely protecting her nest of eggs as a hailstorm raged around her.

The footage came from a live feed of the Nest – located in Longmont, Colorado – published by Boulder County Parks and Open Space.

“The female osprey at the fairgrounds worked tirelessly to protect her eggs during last night’s hailstorm,” the county authority wrote in a Facebook post On Wednesday. “She was hit by pea-sized hail and never left the nest.”

And the raptor’s efforts paid off as, the department wrote, all of the eggs survived the storm.

“We hope to see chicks in a few weeks,” the post reads.

Some commenters wondered why officials didn’t erect a canopy, or some sort of canopy, over the nest. But as others pointed out, Ospreys prefer to nest in open spaces.

In addition, the female osprey and her partner have been doing well for years. Live cam has been monitoring the couple since 2011, spokespersons for Boulder County Parks and Open Space Nik Brockman told KOAA.

Unless you count their relationship problems.

“We have observed a couple of times that a completely different male or female would appear in the nest,” Brockman told the news outlet. “It kind of created drama.”

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