“Our son cheated on his wife after birth – so we removed him from the will”

An anonymous mother who is ashamed of her son’s behavior after he cheated on his wife and left her to take care of their three-month-old baby has taught him a lesson he will never forget

Quarreling couple
The mother says her decision caused a stir within the family

A man who cheated on his wife learned a lesson from his offended mother and father when they struck him out of their will.

The man’s mother, who posted anonymously on Reddit, said she was disappointed in her son when he divorced his wife, with whom he shared a baby, after an affair.

She added he cheated on her when their baby was just three months old, reports Bored Panda.

In a post on Reddit, the anonymous mother says her son decided to move to another city with the woman he cheated on and let his ex-wife take care of the baby.

She wrote, “Both me and his dad are ashamed to see our daughter-in-law struggling to cope with everything that is happening in her life while trying to care for a new baby.”

The mother claims her son doesn’t seem to have any regrets


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In order to teach their son a lesson and ensure they support their daughter-in-law, the parents made a difficult decision.

They took their son out of the will and replaced him with their daughter-in-law and grandchild instead.

The mother writes: “We have decided to remove him from the will and dedicate everything we have planned to our daughter-in-law and grandchild.

“My son heard about this arrangement from his sister and is campaigning to blame and shame me and my husband for the decision we made.”

She added that to her disappointment, many other family members had sided with him, claiming her daughter-in-law was “an outsider” and should not have priority over her son in the will.

But they added that the new mum was in such dire straits that she and her husband took her in and are now caring for her.

The mother is certain that despite the “heat and criticism” she made the right decision.

She wrote, “It is only fair to make sure our grandchild and his mother have a stable life after what my son did to them.”

She later wrote in an update to her original post, “As a mom it’s really hard for me to witness all of this and even though he’s my son and yes he’s been through some rough times, I couldn’t stand and watch.

“Even as a mother, if I were to do something similar to this, I would really like to have my in-laws and family behind me for support. I can only imagine how my daughter-in-law is doing right now. “

After asking other people for their opinions on her decision, many offered their support and said they felt she did the right thing.

One person wrote: “Seems like he got it all worked out. Why does he need anything from you?”

Another said: “Good for you! It may not be blood, but it is family.”

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