Out of nowhere, ESPN analyst PK Subban cruelly shames Lizzo on air


ESPN hockey analyst PK Subban made a pointless dig at Grammy winner Lizzo on a show, prompting angry reactions on social media. (Check out the video below.)

The former NHL star reviewed the Toronto Maple Leafs loss at home against the Florida Panthers in a playoff game of the second round of the Stanley Cup on Tuesday. Co-host John Buccigross suggested the Maple Leafs should “pack a lunch” in preparation for Game 2.

“Maybe they need to pack a lunch the size of Lizzo,” Subban snapped.

“Subban has been shooting cheap shots throughout his hockey career. Why did anyone think they would quit after retirement?” Hockey Reporter Stefan Roesner attributed to his father with saying.

Subban’s seemingly random meanness wasn’t the only recent instance of a hockey announcer slamming someone’s performance on the air. Hall of Famer Phil Esposito said a viewer Taunting the Tampa Bay Lightning in a first-round series against the Maple Leafs: “You got a fat woman yapping like crazy or is that a guy with long hair? I can’t say,” he said.

HuffPost has reached out to Subban, ESPN and Lizzo for comment.

Lizzo’s fame is based on self-acceptance. “Are we aware artists aren’t here to meet your standards of beauty? Artists are here to make art,” Lizzo said said on Instagram in January. “And this body is art.”

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