Outriders Worldslayer: Everything you need to know!

When pioneer Released just over a year ago, it introduced players around the world to the dangerous land of Enoch and his unique brand of god-like beings known as the Altered. Despite some tough growing pains that included some server instabilities, matchmaking issues and some inventory clearing issues, pioneer still managed to hook millions of players with its fast-paced action, exceptional loadout system, and some really cool classes. Now People Can Fly has a new paid expansion on the way, and if our brief preview of destroyer of the world is any indication of what’s to come, you better prepare for a whole lot of murder.

If you haven’t played the original pioneer Game, I won’t spoil any of the major plot points in this preview. I will say I think it is clear that the story is not over and we are only just beginning to learn the mysteries that Enoch holds. More importantly, the end of the world is near! The anomaly is spreading, massive destruction and extinction is approaching – but wait – there is hope! To save everyone you must fight your way through a brand new story campaign filled with new enemies, new locations and plenty of new weapons and gear to keep your trigger finger happy. New players just coming into the pioneer world, can start over at level one or use a new level 30 boost feature to connect with your friends and experience the new content right from the start. If you haven’t played the original pioneer game you have to shell out $59.99 destroyer of the world, that comes as a bundle with the original game. If you already own it pioneeryou can purchase the extension for only $39.99.

destroyer of the world will introduce two new 5-piece legendary armor sets for each class and new 3-piece legendary armor sets universal to all classes, in addition to over 100 new pieces of gear. New mods will also be available, which will no doubt delight players who really like to mix, match and theory new builds. As someone who was in love with the gear and mod system when the game released, I’m excited to see what new items they’ve added. destroyer of the world also increased the gear cap to level 75, which can be reached by reaching Apocalypse Tier 40. Apocalypse gear will also introduce players to a new unalterable 3approx Mod slot that gives players even more opportunities to become the most powerful Altered you can be. Apocalypse stages will replace the original challenge stages such as B. the World Tier and Expedition Tier systems.


Apocalypse Tiers will also be retrofitted into the original content of pioneer. Like World Tiers, Apocalypse Tiers increase the difficulty of the enemies you fight and the power of the loot you receive. Unlike the previous stages, they are not separated according to the mode you are playing in, that is, when you start playing destroyer of the world, If you’re playing Apocalypse Tier 15 in Campaign, you’re also playing Apocalypse Tier 15 in Expeditions. This is a fantastic streamlining of the difficulty system, which I’m really excited about, and the increase in difficulty leaves a lot to look forward to can. Despite all the new gear and difficulty settings, no new classes have been added, but that doesn’t mean PCF has forgotten things on the progression front. Here’s what the team had to say regarding the possibility that they would create a new class:

Building a new class was definitely out of the scope at this point. We’d rather spend the time polishing what we already have than trying to invent something entirely new. I think that’s the theme of Worldslayer, which continues to improve and build on the Outriders experience and make all the things that we’ve been making more exciting and polished. This philosophy is also evident in the new environments and the new enemies, especially some of the new bosses. They’re among the best we’ve ever done.

– Outriders development team

In destroyer of the world Players are introduced to the PAX Class Trees which offer new options to each of the 4 classes with a completely different class tree unlocked at level 30 in addition to the original class trees players start the game with. The PAX tree helps to effectively subclass your character. While we didn’t get to experience the PAX tree in full force during preview, it’s always exciting when you can continue to develop your character after you’ve reached max level. But the PAX tree isn’t the only way to develop your character after you’ve reached the max level of 30.


Ascension Points are a new feature in destroyer of the world This allows you to gain experience and level up various character attributes such as brutality, endurance, bravery, and anomaly. Each of these attributes has additional categories to invest in that directly affect your stats such as: B. HP, critical damage and more. You’ll be able to max out all of these attributes by getting 200 Ascension Points, but the team at PCF believe it will take around 360 hours to get them all. Players can always respec their PAX and Ascension points for free, just like they could with their original talent trees, allowing them to play around with different builds at any time. PCF also teased a bit about a new form of endgame called the Trial of Tarya Gratar. During the campaign, players are introduced to Tarya Gratar as part of the PAX civilization, but after completing the story, this new challenge, which has been described as “completely different from Expeditions,” appears to be waiting for players. Here’s everything the development team could say about the new endgame.

It will be challenging for sure. It will be fresh, but it will again expand the world of Outriders and the world of Enoch, and there is much to discover.

– Outriders development team

The team at PCF say they will be releasing more information about the game later this summer, which is fantastic because destroyer of the world will be released on June 30thth, 2022. That only gives us a few short months to learn more about this new enticing endgame. As for my experience with the preview content, I kinda feel like I did when I played the demo over a year ago. A short demo is not enough to give an idea of ​​what pioneer everything is about. After teaming up with other previewers, we started our missions with fresh characters. Playing through the first few missions of the campaign was definitely fun, in a “I get to continue the campaign from” sort of way pioneer“Wise, but there was only so much you could glean from just over an hour of play. pioneer is a late-game treasure after you find weapons you like and have time to really engage with your class.

When you’re forced into a team with others focused on moving forward, you lose a lot of the nuance that matters pioneer what it really is. The short preview was not enough to whet the appetite, but hardly to give many of us a glimpse of what is to come. A powerful new shift awaits, a doomsday catastrophe looms ever closer, and the ever-apathetic protagonist (the player character) is weapon in hand ready to take it on. I couldn’t imagine being more excited for what’s to come. Are you looking forward to Outrider: Destroyer of Worlds? Write us in the comments and tell us. Outriders Worldslayer: Everything you need to know!

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