Over 60? Here are 7 Best Ways to Keep Your Knees Healthy – Eat This You Shouldn’t Eat

Whether you have a knee injury or just find yourself frequently experiencing discomfort during everyday activities, Knee hurts can put a damper into almost any aspect of your daily routine. According to research published on American family doctor In 2018, about 25% of adults in the US suffered from knee pain, with its prevalence skyrocketing by 65% ​​in the past 20 years alone.

However, just because you’re having knee pain now doesn’t mean you’ll have lifelong discomfort — or surgery in the future — is a foregone conclusion. Read on to discover expert-supported tips for keeping your knees healthy strong and no pain over 60 years old. And for more ways to relieve stress on your joints, check out these 15 underrated but really effective weight loss tips.

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One of the simplest ways to keep your knees strong without even a second of exercise — it’s all down to the way you sit.

“Try to sit without crossing your legs or sitting on a bench with your feet under you, “hint Sidney Hpris-Cocke, PT, DPT, a physical therapist at Physiotherapy Priority in Kansas City, Kansas. “When we sit cross-legged, a lot of pressure is put on the knee joint which can cause irritation or pain that can cause more pain when moving forward,” explains H’-Cocke.

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If you’re skipping the warm-up or cool-down portion of your exercise, you may be experiencing excessive wear and tear in your knee.

“Always make time for a Quick start before operation. This can be as simple as doing some sitting posture exercises, including ankle pumps, long arcs, sitting marches, and strengthening the hip muscles,” says Há-Cocke.

“The cooldowns are just as important as the warm-up,” adds Hagu-Cocke. “Try to complete some hamstring, quadriceps, leads, and IT band stretches to continue to maintain your flexibility”

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Squats Great for building muscle, but doing it the wrong way can make your knee pain instantly worse.

“Here’s a little trick to make sure you’re doing it right: when lowering into a squat, you should always be able to look down and see your toes. Don’t let your knees go too far. It’s going to be like you’re sitting on a chair or sitting on the toilet. If your butt isn’t facing the chair, you’ll end up with the ground,” says Hntic-Cocke.

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Even if you’re maintaining the right form during your workout, the wrong shoes can quickly send you into pain territory.

“Go to a running or specialty shoe store and have your feet assessed to find the right shoe. Not everyone has the same arch or needs to have the same shoe style,” says Hntic-Cocke. . “Go see a professional and get some help. Your knees will thank you!”

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Although overuse can cause severe knee pain, sedentary lifestyle can also be a problem when it comes to knee pain.

“Walking is a great way to lose weight with a low impact. Not only can it help keep your lower body healthy, but it can also improve your cardiovascular endurance for overall health. Try to be physically active. walk at least 20 to 30 minutes a day whenever you can”, suggests Danielle Grey, a NASM certified personal trainer, Pn1 certified dietitian and founder Train like a gymnast.

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If you’re looking for a great way to keep your knees strong, swimming could be the workout for you.

“Swimming is a great way to keep your legs strong and healthy. Water provides the great resistance your glutes and hamstrings have to work to fight the move. It’s refreshing. pleasant, soothing, beneficial and very good for you physically and mentally. Gray.

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While you can focus on avoiding knee pain, directing your attention to building the muscles that surround your knee can be an even better way to stay pain-free.

“The best way for adults over 60 to keep their knees healthy is to work all the muscles knee support,” says WITS-certified personal trainer and corrective exercise expert Joy Fletcher, co-founder of Agile 4 Life Fitness. “That means training all the muscles in the quadriceps, as well as the hamstrings, as well as the abductor and adductor muscles (inner and outer muscles.) Any muscle imbalance will result in causes wear and tear of the knee.”

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