Paper Girls review: The series about time-traveling girls has a lot going on but there’s still a lot that hasn’t been fully explained

FOUR 12-year-old newspaper delivery girls cycle around the sleepy pre-dawn suburbs of a fictional town called Stony Stream in Cleveland, Ohio.

ne of them are permanently plugged into her Walkman player. Another kept a couple of walkie-talkies in her pocket. If those details don’t suggest we’re going back to the 1980s, you probably weren’t there to enjoy them or you weren’t watching. Strange things.

Comparison between Netflix blockbuster and Paper girl (Amazon Prime, as of Friday) is inevitable, but misplaced. It’s time travel, not monsters from another dimension, on the menu here, and the emphasis is on the personal as opposed to the occult.

Paper girl focus more on character development than fireworks. The special effects are largely limited to turning the sky pink, and the futuristic tech on the screen is relatively lo-fi-like. Mainly ray guns and naff costumes.

It’s also shorter; eight episodes, three of which I watched, 45 minutes on average.

The Walkman’s girl is Mac (Sofia Rosinsky), a tough, smart kid from a troubled home. The girl of the walkie-talkie is Tiffany (Camryn Jones), she’s smart and tech-savvy and has set her sights on MIT.

Hockey girl KJ (Fina Strazza) belongs to the rich family that owns half of the town, including the bank. Last but not least, and the “participant” of our story, is Erin (Riley Lai Nelet), who has chosen the worst possible time to start her new round: the session. the morning after Halloween, when teenage dustbags still haunt the streets.

Every girl is a victim of prejudice of one kind or another, sometimes within their own group. Erin is Chinese and she and her mother, who do not speak English, made their neighbors feel unwelcome.

Black Tiffany. KJ is Jewish. Mac is poor and from the wrong side of the song’s dialect.

The four, who barely know each other, are drawn together as they are swept up in the waves of a puzzlingly filmed battle between time travelers from the future.

The good guys in black, the Standard Time Fighters (STF), are dedicated to changing those moments when time goes wrong. Baddies, the white-robed Old Watch, whose main hunter is the menacing Prioress (Adina Porter), dedicated to controlling time and keeping the power that comes with it to herself.

Or something like that. Paper girl fuzzy on the details of the larger ongoing conflict as well as on the mechanics of time travel.

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After a dying member of the STF threw a futuristic gizmo into Tiffany’s hands, the girls were taken from Stony Stream in 1988 to Stony Stream in 2019. But they didn’t realize what had happened until they did. shelter in Erin’s house, where they come face to face with their adult self, played by Ali Wong.

Unlike other time travel stories, notably Back to the Future, told us that meeting your future self is unlikely to cause the universe to explode.

Young Erin harbors ambitions of becoming a U.S. senator one day, and possibly even president. So she’s heartbroken when she finds out the older Erin let her dreams falter and die. She is a humble medical worker who has been living alone and alone since her mother (?) passed away.

In contrast, Mac searches the internet and learns that her delinquent brother Dylan (Cliff Chamberlain) has cleaned up his behavior to become a doctor with a clinic of his own.

Incidentally, one of the highlights of the series is the girls’ first encounter with the wonders of 21st technology.

Mac separates from the others to track down Dylan. Initially skeptical, he eventually accepts that Mac is who she says she is. However, there is some bad news; She died when she was only 16 years old.

Meanwhile, Tiffany, KJ, and two Erins, who are being chased by Prioress and her goblins, find an ally in Larry (Nate Corddry), a member of the underground resistance force working undercover. with STF.

There’s a lot going on Paper girl. However, a lot of it was not fully explained, and the speed flags after the opening were vibrant. Mind you, you can’t go wrong with a big robot, and the giant robot Larry revealed hopefully means everything will kick off a device or two. Paper Girls review: The series about time-traveling girls has a lot going on but there’s still a lot that hasn’t been fully explained

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