Parents value honesty and kindness in their children above all else, research shows

More than three-quarters of parents want their children to grow up with a good group of friends, rather than aspire to be the next Prime Minister.

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Parents pay more attention to their children’s upbringing

According to research, parents place more importance on their children’s honesty and kindness than anything else.

A study of 1,000 parents, of children 7 years old and younger, revealed the key traits they want their children to develop as they grow up – honesty, good manners, and self-esteem. news above all.

A quarter want their children to have a good understanding of emotions, while half want their children to learn the art of “being nice to others”.

Loyalty, patience and optimism are also among the features that stand out in the list of the top 20 parents that parents hope their children will thrive on.

In fact, 79% feel it is more important for their young children to grow up with a good group of friends, than to aspire to be the next Prime Minister.

McFly drummer Harry Judd wants his children Lola and Kit to learn the value of being kind and helpful.



Claudia Caron, from Thomas & Friends, who commissioned the study, said: “It is heartwarming to see how many parents want their children to grow up to be kind, honest and independent above all else.

“It just goes to show that the attributes that many people take for granted are not a given and are something people want to encourage their kids to have.”

The study also found that, for 47% of respondents, it is important that their children possess these characteristics, with 58% believing it will help them have good things later in life. .

63% of moms and dads also nurtured nature excellence because they admit to actively doing things to teach their children these important traits.

While a quarter think soft skills, such as initiative and organization, are much more important for children to learn at an early age than hard skills, such as reading and writing.

Buying books for your child, reading to educate yourself, and getting your child involved in extracurricular activities are just a few of the ways parents are shaping their children’s future.

Parents will also sit down to tell stories more than four times a week, with 89% acknowledging the importance of reading stories to their children.

While another three-quarters (74%) also recognize the impact TV shows can have on influencing and shaping children into the adults they will one day become.

Reality TV star Greg Shephard wants his kids Nelly and Arthur to grow up with a good group of friends



Research conducted through OnePoll by Thomas & Friends to launch its new campaign, Reading with Little Friends, shows the brand partnering with celebrity dads – singer-songwriter, Harry Judd and star reality TV, Greg Shepherd.

In two adorable videos, Harry’s children Lola, 5, and Kit, 4, as well as two of Greg’s children, Nelly, 8, and Arthur, 4, snuggle up on the sofa with their dad for some time quality family reading time together.

Research also shows that three-quarters of parents feel they, or primary caregivers, are the most influential on their child’s personality development, with teachers and peers also having a significant impact. tell.

However, nearly two-thirds believe they could do more to encourage these valuable traits in their children.

Wise words moms and dads like to impart to their little ones to help them achieve their goals in life include “treat people as you would like to be treated”.

While 44% would advise their youngster to “admit his mistakes”, and four out of ten would advise that “good communication is important”.

Parents will often sit and tell stories with their children more than four times a week



Claudia Caron from Thomas & Friends adds: “There are many things parents do to try and encourage these skills – and there is no right or wrong answer.

“It is reassuring to see parents feel enthusiastic about reading with their own hands, encouraging specific activities and just generally surrounding them with a positive influence.

“Books are a lovely way to share intimate moments with your children, as well as select stories with good moral and academic merit, such as those featured in Thomas & Friends.”

McFly star Harry Judd said: “We had a lot of fun shooting the videos and I’m really proud of Lola for reading – and of Kit, for trying to stay still throughout the whole thing. story set.

“I have always been a fan of Thomas & Friends and really like how the stories are hilarious and the moral teaching about kindness, helpfulness, and teamwork – all of which I constantly strive for. teach the children.”

And Greg Shepherd, who appeared with Nelly, Arthur and his wife Billie in ITV The hit reality TV show The Family Diaries said: “Some of the life lessons that I think are really important that I want to teach my kids are, having a good group of friends when they grow up. , know what’s right and what’s wrong, and have good manners. ”


  1. honest
  2. Goodness
  3. Confident
  4. Good behavior
  5. Self-esteem
  6. Independence
  7. Empathetic
  8. Helping others
  9. Patient
  10. Loyalty
  11. Determination
  12. Resilience
  13. Motivation
  14. Ability to communicate effectively
  15. Understanding emotions
  16. Can build a strong friendship
  17. Respect the rules
  18. Optimistic
  19. Ready to try new experiences
  20. Ability to share

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