‘Peek performance’ – Apple turned everything upside down

There was a time when the technology world flocked to Apple events to swoon over software and hardware design. Everything has change.

Now, the industry adjusts to swoon over the architecture – and cry over the opportunities lost as Apple moves its platforms so far ahead of everyone else. Of the company “Peak performance“Today’s event saw the company take a big, old-fashioned beat.

The day the industry turned upside down

In short, the days when Apple computers looked great, ran great software, but seemed a bit inefficient, are behind us.

Its engines now look great, still run great software, and really deliver as much (or more) of the power you get from other platforms, while demonstrating a clear commitment to environmental management.

That last commitment means that any business that currently runs multiple PCs can get a near-instant cost benefit simply by replacing those PCs with Macs, since Apple’s processors requires very little energy.

So, what did Apple introduce?

Meet the new iPhone SE

Now with 5G, the A15 processor, better battery life, and a new camera system capable of taking brilliant photos, 4.7 inches. iPhone SE starts at $429 (64GB). This is currently the best way to roll out 5G support on budget mobile teams, and Apple has proven that it will support these devices with new software and security patches for many years. years makes this device a serious contender for anyone. smartphone deployment budget.

And the iPad Air…

Apple surprise most people with the new iPad Air. Confirmed speculation appeared now 11th hour, the system now uses an M1 chip (like you’d find in a Mac), has a 12MP camera with CenterStage, 10.9-in. Retina display and 5G as a cellular option (if you will). The design hasn’t changed much: you still get Touch ID and the Home button. But what you also get is a big performance boost – 60% faster CPU performance and twice the graphics performance of the last iPad Air. Apple also points out that these iPads are twice as fast as the best-selling Windows laptops in the same price range (from $599).

What does this mean for your business? That means for some tasks, the iPad delivers all the theoretical performance you might need to replace aging Windows PCs with mobile devices your employees can truly enjoy. enjoy.

It also makes it possible to deploy the iPad to transact tasks that previously could not be easily done by computers. Think of flight crews equipped with iPads to replace the paper-based processes they used to do. Again, Apple’s commitment to product support means that these systems are investments that will continue to pay off for many years to come.

Big news: Mac Studio and Studio monitors

But the biggest news seems to have surprised us all. Yes, we were all expecting a brand new Mac mini, but what we got was Mac Studio – and a brand new Apple Silicon chip that could overturn all the jokes about Apple’s Macs being underpowered. Meet the M1 Ultra.

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The M1 Ultra delivers 90% more multi-threaded performance than the fastest 16-core desktop chip available at the same power level. It also offers a 20-core CPU, a 64-core GPU (for performance that’s faster than the highest-end PC GPUs money can buy with less than 200 watts of power), and 10 times the memory bandwidth of a PC chip. Latest PC desktop.

Apple’s Mac Studio desktop computer looks a lot like a larger Mac mini with more connections and is available with an M1 Ultra chip ($3,999) or the same M1 Max processor ($1,999) you’ll find in The most advanced MacBook Pro.

Eagle-eyed readers may recall my review of a MacBook Pro equipped with that chip, which essentially said the computer could do any high-end task you could imagine. statue. The same goes for the M1 Ultra, I have no doubt. With a little more.

Apple’s new Studio monitor is also quite interesting, but I think it’s time to get straight to the points here, which are:

  • Mac Studio is Apple’s Mac Steve Jobs always wanted to deliver. It gives Apple a desktop computer that completely rivals (and in many ways surpasses) what you might expect from PCs of the same price or higher.
  • That’s such a big challenge that other processor developers just can’t seem to match it put Apple years ahead of the industry. I have little doubt the benchmark tests (as they come out) will prove this.
  • Processor leadership board Extends across every announced Apple product.
  • Apple also told us that it has one more Mac to upgrade to Apple Silicon, presumably a Mac Pro. The transition is almost done.
  • The problem Apple seems to be working towards is that their mid-range products seem to be becoming better at handling almost anything you throw at them (while higher-end solutions can handle it). challenges you haven’t even thought of). That’s a good problem.
  • Apple is pretty much redefine computer industry. In the premium segment, its products match or beat anything you can get from anyone else. Your staff is Will want them more.
  • If you use your computer for work, you can trust that, assuming your industry or company doesn’t depend on legacy software or equipment, Apple’s solution will be a better fit for your needs. .
  • Apple has never have competed at this level before. The industry will need to get used to it. And when that message gets through, the business’ loyalty to the old computer will continue to decline. Simply put, Apple doesn’t focus on design anymore. It has become the gold standard of what you should expect.

Two more things are worth noting.

Environmental commitment

Apple continues to be committed to eco-friendly design, and in these products this involves 100% recycled rare earth elements. Along with major improvements in energy consumption, this is another step that puts Apple in the position of a future defined by managing the environment and conserving the earth’s raw materials. Others in the consumer electronics industry – and everyone in the business – will need to follow suit, especially as global economic, environmental, and political uncertainty makes doing so. right thing to do while improving profitability. Of course, machines that use less energy will run cheaper, which makes big difference at the bottom in any medium to large sized business.

Sexist technology

Apple’s leadership is dominated by men. I think the company is trying to break out of this division, but changing the world (as the entire 10-year process of Apple’s chip design effort shows) can take a long time.

We know that one of the ways to change the system imbalance is to focus on positive role models. With this in mind, I think Apple has hit the ballpark by deciding to include women in almost every speaking role in its presentations. By doing so, it sent a message to a lot of women who might want to get into tech that they can do so and be successful. This to me it seems What a great way to celebrate International Women’s Daycoincides with the date of this Apple event.

I’m sure I missed some elements from today’s announcement. But if there’s one big issue everyone should consider, it’s that Apple’s adventures in silicon have turned the industry upside down.

And Apple is just getting started.

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