Pence says he doesn’t remember if the White House tipped him off about the wrong voter conspiracy


Former Vice President Mike Pence claimed he couldn’t remember if White House officials told him about it fake voter plot in Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd asked the former vice president to share what he knew about the conspiracy before the Capitol riot in an interview with Pence on Sunday.

“I had only just heard what was being talked about in the press at the time, but I thought it was important,” Pence said.

Todd noted at the beginning of the interview that Pence told NBC News this month on Jan. 6 that he “didn’t know much about the effort to attract fake voters.” Senate MPs on January 3, 2021: “Are there alternate voters from any state?”

Pence told Todd he put the question to the MP because he had heard “rumours” about the conspiracy.

“I asked the MP very directly, Chuck. I asked her because I heard rumours, I read in the newspaper that there are substitute voters,” he said.

“I just asked her directly if there were any other voters from any state and she said there wasn’t.”

Todd interjected and asked Pence if anyone in the Trump White House had told him about the conspiracy.

“I can’t remember that. I just remember hearing it in public,” Pence replied.

“And I wanted a definitive answer as to whether or not the MP had received extra votes. She didn’t. So, as you know, we actually changed the language when the Electoral College votes were recorded.”

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