People don’t buy Donald Trump’s explanation for “I’m after you!” post


Donald Trump defended his “I’m after you!” threat on Saturday, and many people don’t believe it.

After pleading not guilty to allegations he conspired to lie about the 2020 election results and block a peaceful transfer of power – Plus be warned by the judge Do not attempt to influence or retaliate against witnesses ― The ex-president held one ominous warning on its Truth Social website:

“If you follow me, I’ll come after you!”

The Justice Department relied on the post to seek a protective order from the judge overseeing the voting case, raising concerns about a “detrimental deterrent effect on witnesses.”

An anonymous Trump spokesman later issued a statement.

“The quoted Truth post is the very definition of political speech and was a reaction to the RINO, pro-China, dishonest special interest groups and super-PACs funded by the Koch brothers and the Club for No Growth,” the campaign reads explained.

The apology from the three-times indicted GOP frontrunner has put the needle on the BS meter for many users of the platform formerly known as Twitter.

“I’m trying to sell a bridge there” one wrote.

“Someone got a call from his lawyers” another said.

Doubters also pointed out that the menacing Truth Social post appeared at the top a videowhich Trump dubbed “Welcome to Fraud Squad” and in which he blasts those who accuse him of his legal mess.

Check out some critics’ responses here:

Trump has repeatedly implied this retribution for the current series of charges against him.

In another post this week, Trump wrote: “The Democrats don’t want to run against me or they wouldn’t use this unprecedented weapon of ‘justice.'” BUT SOON, IN 2024, OUR TURNS. MAGA!”

He also divided A clip of the warning from Fox News host Jesse Watters:

Don’t think for a second that he won’t give hell to all his political enemies. This is just the beginning of politicians throwing other politicians and their families in jail. Sad that we had to walk this road, but here we are and now we must finish it.

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