People who don’t drink enough water every day are ‘at risk of fatal disease’

PEOPLE who don’t drink enough water every day increase their chances of a fatal disease.

Scientists are telling people to get six to eight pairs of glasses every day to stave off the risk of heart failure.

It is recommended that adults drink six to eight glasses of water every day


It is recommended that adults drink six to eight glasses of water every dayPhoto credit: Getty

Heart failure occurs when the heart can’t pump blood around the body properly, usually because it has become weak or stiff.

It’s a long-term condition that usually gets worse over time.

“Similar to reducing salt intake, drinking enough water and staying hydrated are ways to support our heart and may help reduce long-term risk of heart disease,” said Dr. Natalia Dmitrieva, lead author of a new study.

dr Dmitrieva, a researcher at the US National Institutes of Health, led a team that studied nearly 12,000 American adults.

They were between 45 and 66 years old and had medical records dating back 25 years. They had no heart failure, diabetes or obesity at the start of the study.

About 1,366 (11.56 percent) later developed heart failure, which is more common with age.

The team assessed blood sodium levels, which rise when a person’s fluid levels are low.

A normal serum sodium range is between 135 and 146 milliequivalents per liter (mEq/L).

But those with a midlife level of around 143 mEq/L had a 39 percent increased risk of heart failure compared to those with lower levels.

For every 1 mEq/L increase in serum sodium above the normal range, the likelihood of a diagnosis increased by five percent.

The data also showed that those over 70 with a sodium level of 143 mEq/L were 62 percent more likely to develop left ventricular hypertrophy – a thickening of the heart.

The early results suggest that staying hydrated may help prevent or slow the progression of changes in the heart that can lead to heart failure.

Fluids — be it water, tea, or squash — are essential for a number of bodily functions, including helping the heart pump blood efficiently.

Staying hydrated is important to support blood vessel function and therefore blood flow.

The researchers recommended a daily fluid intake of 6-8 cups (1.5-2.1 liters) for women and 8-12 cups (2-3 liters) for men.

According to the British Heart Foundation, more than 900,000 people in the UK are living with heart failure.

It can be triggered by a number of factors, including a heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetescardiomyopathy, excessive alcohol Consumption and congenital heart defects.

Heart-healthy habits can prevent many of these diseases.

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To protect the heart, experts recommend regular exercise, not smoking, moderate alcohol and caffeine consumption and a healthy diet.

SaltySugary and fatty foods should be limited. People who don’t drink enough water every day are ‘at risk of fatal disease’

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