“Person war”: does Vladimir Putin know what is happening in Ukraine?

Increasingly isolated in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin is being fed misleading information about the progress of his invasion of Ukraine by advisers afraid of breaking bad news, according to US intelligence.

White House spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield told reporters yesterday the US had information suggesting the Russian president feels “misled by the Russian military” and that this has led to “ongoing tensions between Putin and his military leadership.” have.

“Putin’s war was a strategic mistake,” she said, “that has long-term weakened and increasingly isolated Russia on the world stage.”

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When asked about the intelligence information suggesting that Putin’s understanding of the conflict is being hampered, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the evidence was “disturbing” as it could lead to a “less than faithful” attempt end the war through peace talks.

His intervention came as Jeremy Fleming, director of the British spy agency GCHQ, warned that Putin had “massively misjudged” the capacity of his armed forces, the determination of the Ukrainian resistance and the strength of the West’s response to his unprovoked attack.

In a rare public speech to an audience at the Australian National University in Canberra, Fleming said that British intelligence services “saw Russian soldiers – without weapons or morals – refusing to carry out orders, sabotaging their own equipment and even accidentally shooting down her.” own plane.

“Their command and control are in chaos,” he added. “While we believe Putin’s advisers are afraid to tell him the truth, the extent of these miscalculations must be perfectly clear to the regime. It has become his personal war.”

A US official said so CNN that Washington’s assessment is that Putin is “misinformed by his advisers about how poorly the Russian military is performing and how the Russian one is doing The economy is paralyzed by sanctionsbecause his senior advisers are too afraid to tell him the truth.”

They added that according to US intelligence findings, Putin was not even aware that his invading forces “deployed and lost conscripts in Ukraine, showing a clear breakdown in the flow of accurate information to the Russian president.”

team fire

Russian troops have “regrouped in Belarus” in recent days after the Kremlin announced on Friday would postpone its main offensive to strengthen the “liberation” of Donbass in eastern Ukraine, The times reported.

According to the best estimates, “about 15,000 Russian soldiers are now deployed presumed killed in months of war,” said the newspaper’s defense editor Larisa Brown, while “defectors” have also joined the Ukrainian army in a “legion” of volunteers.

Images shared on encrypted messaging app Telegram show “Russian soldiers learning how to use anti-tank weapons” provided to Ukraine, she added.

While the flow of information from the Kremlin remains tightly controlled, evidence is mounting that Putin is “attacking his own spy bosses and military advisers as his invasion falters.” The Telegraph reported.

“In a move that underscored the Kremlin’s deep disappointment in its intelligence services,” the head of the FSB’s foreign intelligence branch, Colonel-General Sergei Beseda, “was reportedly fired and arrested during the second week of the war.”

Beseda and his deputy, who “were reportedly in charge of intelligence operations in Ukraine,” were “placed under house arrest on suspicion of corruption and providing false information about Ukraine,” the newspaper added. The FSB has not confirmed the arrests.

Days later, General Roman Gavrilov, deputy head of the National Guard, was also reported arrested by Russian media.

the i news The site’s senior foreign commentator, Michael Day, said this sudden detention came with accusations of “wasting fuel, directing the loss of too many Rosgvardia troops and leaking information”.

The arrest of three senior Russian intelligence and military figures raises the possibility that “Russia will be blamed brutal but inept war effort may have already started,” Day added.

Lonely wolf

Putin’s tendency to speak to his top advisers from one end of a 20-foot table has highlighted the extent to which the Russian president is becoming increasingly isolated in the Kremlin amid the ongoing conflict.

Speak with CNN Last week, Ben Judah, a senior Atlantic Council official, described him as “the most isolated Russian leader since Stalin,” adding that he may be “more isolated than Stalin in his daily routine.”

Given that Putin is incredibly difficult to readWhite House suggestions that he is being “misled” by the very advisers he will rely on during an active war could push the president further into self-imposed isolation.

When asked why the US decided to share its information publicly, an official said Reuters: “It is potentially useful. Does it sow discord in the ranks? It could make Putin reconsider who to trust.”

A senior European diplomat said Putin had been fed false information about the invasion sites by European intelligence agencies, adding: “Putin thought things were going better than they were. That’s the problem with surrounding yourself with yes men or just sitting with them at the end of a very long table.”

A major concern, however, is that the actions of an isolated Putin will become even more difficult to predict. Judah warned of this possibility on CNN, saying: “The danger for a dictator going to war is to show signs of weakness on the battlefield or in negotiations.

“A dictator always thinks ‘what does this war mean for my personal security’. Dictators cannot retire, they can only be deposed. We can see that Putin is concerned.”

Fleming’s address in Australia hinted at the fact that Putin faces “a growing military insurgency” in the face of the invasion, with his ground forces facing a number of problems including “low morale, logistical errors and high casualties,” Brown said in TheTimes.

Its forces “were misled, poorly trained and then arrived to find old Ukrainian women who looked like their grandmothers were yelling at them to go home,” a senior European diplomat told Reuters.

There is still no reference to a great revolt against the Russian President about his botched invasion, they said.

But the situation in the Kremlin and on the battlefield is becoming increasingly “unpredictable” and the Western powers “would hope that unfortunate people would speak up”.

https://www.theweek.co.uk/news/world-news/russia/956274/does-vladimir-putin-know-what-is-happening-ukraine “Person war”: does Vladimir Putin know what is happening in Ukraine?

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