Pokémon Go Season of Light: Biggest changes for the game

POKÉMON Go starts a new season called Season of Light and some important changes are being added to the game.

Pokémon Go players can get an overview of the five biggest changes here.


These Eevee come into the wild.[/caption]

Cosmog enters the battle

Niantic has announced that the legendary Pokémon Cosmog will join Pokémon Go starting September 1st.

While it hasn’t been officially announced yet, the Legendary Boxes for Pokémon Sun and Moon – Solgaleo and Lunala – are also expected to release sometime this fall.

Cosmog will be the focus of research this season, so keep an eye on it to discover the legend for yourself.

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All Deoxys forms will be available through Raids

From September 1st to September 13th, each of the four Deoxys forms will be available via Raids.

Normal, Attack, Defense, and Speed ​​forms can be caught during their separate raids, so there’s a good chance of catching them all.

Once trapped in this form, Deoxys stays that way, so you’ll need to win four raids if you want to collect the set.

Espeon and Umbreon can be found in the wild

From September 1st it will be possible to find these two Eevee in the wild.

Umbreon can be caught in cities while Espeon can be caught in forests. Unfortunately, both don’t get a chance to shine.

The Northern Hemisphere also gets the Gen 2 starters, and the Southern Hemisphere has a chance to catch the Gen 5 set.

New Mega Evolutions are available

Three new Mega Evolutions have been added to the mix for Aggron, Alakazam, and Banette.

This hasn’t been officially announced, but if you take a look at these Pokemon in your camp, you’ll see a new option to evolve them with Mega Candies.

Still, we’re not sure when the mega candy itself will be available

Fossil Pokémon more common in Eggs

While previously available, Tirtouga and Ark hatch more frequently from 10km Eggs.

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These have a chance to be Shiny and accompany the Gen 4 Fossils Cranidos and Shieldon, available via 5km Adventure Sync Eggs.

If you want to learn more about Pokémon Go’s Season of Light, check out the official site.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN.

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