Pokemon Legends Arceus: 5 things you need to know about Pokemon’s most dangerous game

If you are tired of old age Pokemon the tradition of training gym leaders, defeating an evil, villainous team and then defeating the Elite Four, you’re in luck – Pokemon Legend: Arceus not only rewrote the Pokemon rule book…it threw it out the window all together. For its latest open-world epic, Weird game is taking us back in time – back to an era when Sinnoh was called Hisui – and it’s making some serious changes to the Pokemon formula we’ve all come to know and love over the past three decades. .

Name of the game in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is Discovery; As a young researcher, your job is to catalog the historical region’s Pokemon and build the first Pokedex. To gather all the data you need, you’ll need to go far and wide – scouring every nook and cranny of Hisui to document the local flora and fauna with the help of a diverse cast of characters that look awe-inspiring. like some of the big players from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

If all of that sounds like a departure from the cozy, predictable Pokemon games you’ve been playing for the past 26 years, that’s because it is. Pokemon Company CEO Takato Utsunomiya has made it clear that “Pokemon Legends: Arceus represents a new approach to the Pokemon video game series” and that the developer wants to break “new ground”. with this title.

But despite its promises to “glorify past Pokemon games,” Legends: Arceus has what it takes to reinvent Poke-Wheel and spark some more interest in the series that preceded it. January 28, 2022 release date? We’ve put together a quick roundup of the most important things you need to know about Game Freak’s most ambitious game yet to be discovered.

No Elite Four and no Pokemon Trainer

It’s hard to dig deep, but Game Freak has clearly stated that Pokemon Legends: Arceus is “a story from a long, long time ago” that took place before ideas like becoming a Pokemon Trainer. or Pokemon League even exists. “In this world, the lives of Pokemon and humans are still very separate – and that means there will be fewer battles with Pokemon-owning humans and no Elite Four endgame to look forward to. That means the whole structure of the game will be very, very different – and will likely have more in common with Pokemon Snap than it does with Pokemon Red and Blue. … but we hope to succeed.


The game is Pokemon’s first foray into open-world design… sort of

It’s clear from the footage we’ve seen in the trailers that Pokemon Legends: Arceus has taken a lot of inspiration from Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but that doesn’t mean the title is all one world. open. Game Freak has confirmed that you’ll be operating out of Jubilife Village, which will act as your base when you’re out in the world and doing research quests. From here, you can explore ‘many different areas’ of the wilderness before heading back to Jubilife to record your new data. Rinse, repeat. The game, then, isn’t fully open world, but will likely open up in regions as you become a more adept researcher and scientist – so you’ll eventually have the right access to the ocean, Mount Coronet and more… but maybe not as soon as you launch the game.


This is the first mainline Pokemon game to include crafting

We still don’t know exactly how it will work, but this latest Pokemon game is heavily focused on crafting. In the latest trailer for the game, a voiceover notes that “collecting materials and crafting will be key to success” in this new experience. A camera also meaningfully drags onto the crafting bench in the video, showing that sniffing out items and using your creativity to subdue or lure Pokemon will be an important part of the game. play. Shall we make our own Pokeballs? Chopping up Rhydons to craft our own armor, a Monster Hunter? It remains to be seen, but we’re pleased Pokemon – at last – has embraced some of the more serious RPG mechanics.


Battles have been overhauled and refurbished

This is a big broblem; While the battles may look a bit like what you’ve played in games from Game Boy to Switch, there are some key differences that make Legends: Arceus stand out from the pack. For example, when you go into battle, you’ll be able to choose between a Strong or Aggressive style, where the former will increase strength and decrease speed and the latter will do the opposite. Depending on your stats, you can also move against enemy mon multiple times per turn. All of this is geared towards suggesting more strategy and more engaging battles in the game – something some branches of the Pokemon community have enjoyed for a long time.


You will probably face Poke-God

Yes, you read it right. The genuine Pokemon, Arcues, is essentially the God of the Pokemon world: it’s the entity that supposedly takes the form and creates everything in the Pokemon world and is somewhat oppressively called The Original One. You would think God would be something a little more interesting than the Normal type, wouldn’t you? At least it knows one of the most powerful moves out there, Judgment. Will we cooperate with God in the game? Is it going to kill us? Do we have to appease the divine beast and help it shape the future of the world – and so ultimately influence the history of every Pokemon game we’ve ever played? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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