Pokémon Legends Arceus: How to catch Pokémon Alpha

Pokémon Legends: Arceus – How to catch Pokémon Alpha through battle (Hard way)

Since Pokémon Alpha is extremely aggressive, they will attack the player within sight. Even normally docile Alpha species, such as Blissey, are prone to violence. If you want to catch an Alpha the classic way, you’ll need to answer its challenge with a fight.

At its core, a battle with Pokémon Alpha is like any other in Pokémon Legend: Arceus. Despite an Alpha’s size and strength, it is still vulnerable and resistant to attacks similar to its smaller relative. However, even taking into account the type advantage, Pokémon Alpha are still extremely powerful because they are over-leveled.

To catch Pokémon Alpha through combat, you should try to match its level (it will take a while), weaken it with super effective moves, and start beating any Poké Balls you have. in hand. Disabling Alpha through status effects like Sleep and Paralyze also helps since their capture rate is lower than normal. Remember, the unmissable Kricketune battle is NOT a good metric for the average Alpha battle.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus – How to catch Pokémon Alpha through stealth (Slightly easier way)

Are from Pokemon Legend: Arceus allows the player to catch Pokémon without having to fight them, you might be tempted to try and catch an Alpha Pokémon. Easier said than done unless you have the right tools.

Since Pokémon Alpha is always on patrol, it is difficult to catch them without even knowing it. However, Arceus there are some items to help players sneak in like Greninja. Stealth Spray acts like Repel from previous games and makes it harder (but not impossible) for wild Pokémon to recognize the Trainer. If an Alpha Pokémon prowls around an area without tall grass, the player should also create a temporary hiding place with a Smoke Bomb (even with Stealth Spray). Once hidden enough, Phase 2 of the process can begin.

Even when the player character is invisible, Alpha Pokémon are difficult to catch, but like other Pokémon, they lower their guard while eating. While you can roll out a regular berry, your best bet is to lure them in with their favorite treat. Of course, you need to research what foods they like (i.e. complete Pokédex entries until the game tells you to), but once you do, just a nudge can give you a boost. your Alpha capture rate. Even better, if you happen to have any handmade cakes made with their favorite treats, using them increases the odds in your favor even more.

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