Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Cinderace Raids: Full Sets and Counters

THE first round of Cinderace raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has ended, but there’s still a chance of catching one when it returns.

Cinderace will appear next 13th January, until 15. January So you have another chance to face off against the Gen 8 starter.

That's why we love Rotom fans.


That’s why we love Rotom fans.Credit: The Pokemon Company

Even if you’ve already caught one, fighting again can drop ability patches and capsules, candy, and combat tera shards.

Here’s Cinderace’s set and the best Pokemon to counter it in Scarlet and Violet.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Cinderace Move set and ability

Cinderace’s move set differs slightly from what was predicted. Ironhead means Fairy-type Pokemon are not recommended.

It uses Bulk Up and makes special attackers the Pokemon of choice.

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While it comes with the Libero ability, which changes its type, the Tera-type overrides that ability, making it irrelevant here.

Here is Cinderace’s complete set:

The Mightiest Cinderace – Level 100

  • Nature – Stubborn
  • capability – Libero
  • article – None
  • Tera type – Battle
  • Is moving – Bulk Up, Pyro Ball, High Jump Kick, Acrobatics, Iron Head

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Best Cinderace Counters

Before trying the raids, we thought Fairy-types might be good, but due to Iron Head, that’s not the case.

Pokemon that are physically bulky are important, and special attackers are favored.

There are a number of good mons. Here are the ones we recommend.


In addition to being a special attacker, Espathra has the Opportunist ability that copies the enemy’s stat boosts.

Cinderace will use Bulk Up a lot, increasing both his Attack and Defense, which Espathra will then copy and nullify damage increases.

It also has the moves Lumina Crash, which drastically lowers Cinderace’s Special Defense with each hit.

Feather Dance greatly lowers attack and provides an additional level of protection.

Here is the set we recommend.

Espathra – Level 100

  • Nature – Fat, HP and defense invested
  • capability – Opportunist
  • article – Shell bell
  • Tera type – Psychic
  • Is moving – Feather Dance, Lumina Crash, Rain Dance, Reflect

Rotom fan

This is one that we predicted would be strong and has proven itself on the battlefield.

It has a strong set of assist moves, decent bulk, and high Special Attack stat to take down Cinderace.

Just watch your health for the first few turns before Rotom can build up his protection.

Rotom Fan – Level 100

  • Nature – Modest, HP and defense invested
  • capability – Hover
  • article – Wet stone
  • Tera type – Ghost (for high jump kick miss)
  • Is moving – Evil Conspiracy, Air Slash / Stored Power, Rain Dance, Reflect


Slowbro’s typing is perfect to take on Cinderace, and it has the perfect set-up moves that allow it to sweep.

Cinderace won’t remove your stat boosts until you hit it, allowing you to comfortably settle in before pocketing the one-hit KO.

Unfortunately his abilities don’t help all that much, but with this move set it doesn’t really matter that much.

Slowbro – Level 100

  • Nature – Fat, HP and defense invested
  • capability – Own pace
  • article – Leftovers
  • Tera type – Psychic
  • Is moving – Iron Defense, Evil Conspiracy, Stored Power, Rain Dance


Pelipper is another Pokemon that we predicted would be strong, but it’s a bit more difficult to position well and is best used in a team.

Drizzle sets the rain straight, so there’s always a chance of some powerful hurricanes hitting.

Stockpile also helps him stay sane against Cinderace’s powerful stat boosts.

Pelipper – level 100

  • Nature – Fat, HP and defense invested
  • capability – Drizzle
  • article – Wet stone
  • Tera type – Flying
  • Is moving – Stock, rain dance, hurricane, roost


This is a strong support but will be difficult to use in solo raids as it is a physical attacker.

However, it does have a number of moves that will keep your team healthy, and it resists most of Cinderace’s strongest attacks.

Gyarados are appearing more frequently in raids these days, which means it’s easy to find and build a strong set.

Intimidate also helps reduce Cinderace’s Attack since it hits at plus one.

Gyarados – Level 100

  • Nature – Impish, HP and defense invested
  • capability – Intimidate
  • article – Wet stone
  • Tera type – Flying
  • Is moving – Cooling Water, Rain Dance, Thunder Wave, Helping Hand
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Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN.

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