Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How to Take on Five-Star Raids and Up

AS SOON as the credits roll in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you can face the toughest challenges; Five Star Tera Raids.

These can be particularly tough, as the Pokémon can build defensive barriers around them and negate status changes.

Tera Raids are the best way to catch rare Pokemon.


Tera Raids are the best way to catch rare Pokemon.Credit: The Pokemon Company

However, the rewards are huge, giving you rare items like Tera Shards, XP Candy, and Herba Mystica.

You can also unlock the more difficult six-star raids by hosting enough five-star raids through Switch Online.

Here are our top tips for surviving 5-star and higher Tera Raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Really learn your type matchups

I’m not talking about the move-type matchups, like e.g. B. the Electric-type, which is super effective against Water-types, but from the Physical/Special split.

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It’s important to remember that the Pokemon’s Tera type completely overrides its other type when choosing moves, but whether to attack physically or specifically is just as important.

Some Pokémon are special attackers and some are physical attackers, and the same goes for defense.

Usually, Pokemon in Tera Raids only attack with one or the other, so you can defensively build your Pokemon to match that type, greatly reducing fatalities.

Fatalities are important because each death takes a long time in an already limited framework.

Knowing whether your Pokemon is a physical attacker or a special attacker is also important for stats and move sets.

Make sure your Pokemon only has moves in the category it’s strongest in, which you can check on the stats screen.

You can also hypertrain your Pokémon in these stats by purchasing Bottle Caps from Delibird Presents and trading them in at the Abomasnow trainer near the Pokécenter in Montenevera.

Nature Mints from Chansey’s Supply also help a lot and give you the optimal stats.

Statistics are your friend

Most novice trainers go full attack instead of learning the power of altering stats.

Teaching moves that dramatically increase your Attack – Sword Dance for physical attackers and Evil Conspiracy for special attackers – is very effective here.

Using these moves once with double attack will triple it twice and quadruple it three times.

You can also boost your team’s attack by cheering in the raid menu. Cheer is also useful for healing to avoid death.

Here, too, the reduction of defenses is of crucial importance. Physical attackers will want the Screech attack in their set, while Special Attackers can use Metal Sound.

The multipliers work the same for defense as they do for offense. If you’re facing a physical attacker, firing with a move like Wisp will also halve their attack, which is very powerful.

If you build up your attack and lower their defenses far enough, you can even one-shot the Tera-type Pokémon and negate its pesky barrier.

The Tera Pokémon can negate these effects on either side, so going all the way might not be optimal. And you can reapply boosts if that’s the case.

If your stats are still lacking after all of this, use the candies you’ve collected along the way to give yourself a boost.

Speed ​​doesn’t matter

Unlike most Pokémon matches, where outpacing your opponent is crucial in many battles, speed has very little impact here.

The speed at which you or the opponent attacks depends more on how fast you press the buttons than on the Pokémon’s stats.

Due to the importance of button press speed, it’s a good idea to make sure your best attack for this raid is at the top of your list.

Increasing speed with moves like agility or tailwind is kind of pointless here, as is slowing down your opponent’s speed.

For the same reason, trying to reduce their speed with Stun isn’t nearly as important as reducing Attack with Burn.

Consider not terastallizing

The Terastallation gives you an attack boost and also changes your Pokemon’s type.

However, this isn’t always the best option, despite what the game tells you.

It will only amplify moves of the same type and double its power, but if you use other moves it will actually decrease its power.

This is due to the attack bonus of the same type, or STAB, which grants a 1.5x multiplier to moves that match your Pokemon’s type.

Let’s say you’re using the Ice-tera Lucario and you want to use the Battle-type Aura Sphere. It’s better not to terastallize.

The animation for terastallization also takes up valuable time that one often cannot afford.

Watch out for the barrier

If you can’t manage to knock out the Pokemon fast enough to break down the barrier, all is not lost, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, the Pokemon’s stats cannot be changed while the barrier is up. However, boosts to yourself still have an effect.

Tera-type Pokémon also can’t apply status effects while they’re behind the barrier, so moves like Wisp, Poison, and Thunder Wave have no effect.

Attack damage is also much lower during this phase, but keep going with sweeping attacks and eventually you’ll break it.

Choose your items carefully

There are a number of great items you can use to speed up Tera Raids.

Choice Specs for Special Attackers and Choice Band for Physical Attackers is one of the best as it increases movement power by 50%.

This stacks with STAB, meaning you can get huge boosts during your turn.

However, when using these items, you can only use one move. This isn’t usually a problem, but is bad if the opponent has Torment or the Cursed Body ability.

Another good option is the Clear Amulet, which will stop the Tera Pokemon from clearing your stats.

Many Tera-types have these stat-altering attacks, so it’s a strong option for maintaining your strength and defense.

Finally, we recommend the Assault Vest when fighting a Special Attacker as it increases Special Defense by 50%.

However, it will prevent you from making moves that don’t attack. So make sure you have enough attack power behind you so you don’t need stat altering effects.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN.

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