Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The five best Pokemon for solo six-star raids

ONE of the best parts of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet are the challenging five and six star raids, as well as the seven star limited time raids.

These raids are very difficult challenges against high-level Pokemon, with rare rewards and a chance to catch the Pokemon at the end.

Iron Hands is a strong raid option.


Iron Hands is a strong raid option.Credit: The Pokemon Company

This is one of the best ways to build competitive Pokemon as there are skill patches, XP candies, and catching Shiny Pokemon with Herba Mystica.

Here are the five best Pokémon for raids in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Gholdengo

Gholdengo is one of the most difficult Pokemon to evolve, as it takes 999 Gimmighoul Coins to get one.

However, it has excellent ability and a varied movement pool, making it extremely useful in raids.

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Good as gold prevents all status conditions and stats from being lowered, one of the most annoying parts of raids. Paired with the Ability Shield, Gholdengo is unstoppable.

For moves, you should definitely use stat-altering skills like Metal Sound and Nasty Plot.

The last two moves can be taken over by powerful special moves like Shadow Ball and Flash Cannon, but can be altered based on what’s best for that raid.

Ghouldengo – Level 100

  • Nature – Modest, Special Attack and HP Invested
  • Capability – Good as gold
  • article – Ability Shield
  • Tera type – Steel (or Ghost)
  • Is moving – Metal Sound, Evil Action, Shadow Ball, Restoration

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Azumarill

Azumarill is great as both a support Pokémon and an offensive mon, but you’ll need the offensive set if you’re taking on raids alone.

Huge Power doubles Azumarill’s physical attack stat, while Belly Drum quadruples it for a devastating effect.

Belly drum is an egg move and difficult to teach. First attack the Mirrorweed to Azumarill and delete a move.

Then add a hariyama to your party with just the belly drum movement. Then start a picnic and Azumarill will learn the movement.

Combine this with HP recovery items to save you from fainting and a heavy physical move.

Azumarill – Level 100

  • Nature – Adamant, Attack and HP invested
  • Capability – Huge power
  • article – Shell bell
  • Tera type – fairy (or water)
  • Is moving – Reflect (Physical Raids)/ Light Screen (Special Raids), Aqua Ring, Belly Drum, Play Rough/ Aqua Tail (depending on raid type)

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Iron Hands

Iron Hands is another Belly Drummer that has the benefit of great HP and Defense stats to keep him alive.

It suffers from a limited move pool, but when it’s strong against the opponent it can be a strong choice, especially against defensively weak Pokemon.

While its defense is good, it suffers from poor special bulk, so it’s important to improve this as much as possible.

Drain Punch will also help you restore your health and stay in the game. Its impressive weight also makes Heavy Slam a great option.

Iron Hands – Level 100

  • Nature – Caution, special defense and HP invested
  • Capability – Quark drive
  • article – Big root
  • Tera type – Fighting (or Electric)
  • Is moving – Belly Drum, Drain Punch, Heavy Slam, Electric Terrain

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Fluttermane

Flutter Mane is the polar opposite of Iron Hands, but a great raid choice in its own right.

While Flutter Mane can’t increase his Special Attack, he can lower the opponent’s Special Defense, which is the key to victory here.

It has great typing but poor HP and Defense, so these are the stats to boost here.

Fluttermane – Level 100

  • Nature – Bold, Defense and HP invested
  • Capability – Protosynthesis
  • article – Booster Energy
  • Tera type – fairy (or ghost)
  • Is moving – Fake Tears, Moonblast, Shadow Ball, Wish

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Miraidon

Miraidon has an edge over its legendary cousin, but be warned that it cannot be used in seven-star raids.

Miraidon has great attack and defense, and it doesn’t take much to turn it into an incredible raid-killing machine.

His signature move, Electro Drift, deals massive damage when super effective, so this is the move to focus on.

Miraidon – Level 100

  • Nature – Modest, Special Attack and HP Invested
  • Capability – Hadron engine
  • article – Ability Shield
  • Tera type – Electric
  • Is moving – Metal Sound, Electro Drift, Electric Terrain, Parabolic Charge (for healing)
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Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN.

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