Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Why do people use Murkrow in competitive Pokemon?

POKÉMON Scarlet and Purple Ranked Battles are now open, allowing players to challenge themselves by competing against other players online.

A number of Pokemon already make up the meta. A combination of Gholdengo, Meowscarada, Maushold and Tastugiri/Dodonzo can be found in almost every team.

Murkrow are easy to find.


Murkrow are easy to find.Credit: The Pokemon Company

Right now, Murkrow is one of the most popular Pokemon in online play, and it’s surprisingly effective in battle.

That’s why people choose Murkrow for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ranked battles.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: What Types of Ranked Battles Are There?

There are two types of Ranked Battles available to the public: Single Battles and Double Battles.

Doubles matches are the most popular and the type seen in official tournaments.

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This is because there are many ways for Pokemon to interact with each other, which can only be accomplished with two Pokemon on the field.

The current rulebook doesn’t allow Legendary or Paradoxical Pokemon, but that will change at a later date.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Which are the most popular Pokemon for ranked battles?

There are three types of Pokémon that are required on any team for ranked battles.

The first type are standing sweepers. These are strong and fast Pokémon with moves that increase their stats, like Sword Dance, Dragon Dance, or Evil Conspiracy.

Pokemon currently popular in this category are Meowscrada, Salamence, Garchomp, Mimikyu, Hydreigon, Annhilape, and the Tatsugiri/Dodonzo pair.

The second type are stall Pokémon. These are Pokemon with high defenses, abilities like Clueless or Good as Gold that protect them, and moves that inflict statuses or block moves.

Popular stallers include: Skeledirge, Clodsire, Gholdengo, Glimmora, and Garganacl.

The final category is Support Pokémon. These Pokémon have moves that help their partners, such as B. Screens and attacks that increase stats, and often have helpful abilities as well.

Currently popular Pokemon in this category are: Maushold, Indeedee, Grimmsnarl, Breloom, and Murkrow.

You can think of competing Pokemon like Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Sweepers usually beat support mons, support mons beat stallers, and stallers beat sweepers.

A team usually needs a mix of all three to outplay the opponent.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Why is Murkrow a Popular Support Pokemon?

It might seem unusual for someone to bring an unevolved Pokémon to a competitive game, but it’s actually been popular for a while.

The item Eviolite increases the Defense and Special Defense of all unevolved Pokémon, often making them a better choice than their evolved counterparts.

Murkrow has two advantages over its Honchkrow evolution. First, the evolite increases its defenses to be better than its evolved form.

Honchkrow still has better speed and attack, but as a support Pokémon, defense is the only stat we really care about.

Murkrow’s Hidden Ability is Prankster, which makes it so powerful as a Support Pokémon. As it evolves, Prankster changes to Moxie, which is another great ability but is more useful in a sweeper role.

Prankster makes any non-damaging move a higher priority. This means Murkrow’s support moves often move before the opponent’s turn.

Murkrow learns a lot of great support moves, but the two most important are Tailwind and Haze.

Tailwind almost always guarantees your team comes first, which can be crucial when both teams are near death.

The second move is Haze, which clears all status changes from the field. This is a powerful move that can severely weaken setup sweepers, especially Dodonzo.

Finally, Murkrow is a Dark-type that prevents other Prankster users from using her ability.

Murkrow doesn’t typically last long on the field, but it’s often long enough to disrupt play and tip the fight in your favor.

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