Poker stud Tom Dwan has a strange reaction to winning the record pot


Poker star Tom Dwan faced a massive bluff from opponent Wesley Fei on Tuesday, calling his raise to win a $3.1 million pot, the “biggest…in the history of televised poker.” “, so the statement Hustler Casino Live. (Watch the videos below.)

Fei, who went all-in on the live stream from Hustler Casino in Gardena, Calif., can be seen awaiting Dwan’s decision with his head buried in his arms on the table. Dwan played around with his cards and chips, looking around before moving his stack.

“There’s the call!” said the announcer.

Dwan’s pocket queens allowed him to secure the loot.

He kept his cool at the table, but a post-hand interview would certainly give the poker pro a chance to celebrate a little. To the right?

But when interviewer Veronica Brill noted that he “just won over $3 million, one of Hustler’s biggest pots,” Dwan replied, “The pot was $3 million. I won $1.5 million.”

No “I’m richer!” or “I’m going to Disneyland!”—just a clumsy attempt to correct something that doesn’t need correction.

Brill shared a clip of Dwan’s response, followed by a meme of Tina Fey rolling her eyes:

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