Pop star Peter Andre: “I want to be the next James Bond”

As the Mysterious Girl singer prepares for his 50th birthday, he’s preparing a very special event in Sussex and practicing his English accent in case the 007 film directors are interested in casting him as a British spy

Peter Andre is a busy man. Fresh from playing Vince Fontaine/Teen Angel in Fat at London’s Dominion Theater making a film, he’s in the midst of recording a new album, and he’s organizing a series of special events – “not concerts,” he insists – to celebrate 30 years in show business.

Plus the singer who shot to the top of the UK pop charts in 1996 Mysterious girl with those abs, will be 50 next month. (Subnote: February.)

But Peter has no intention of slowing down. “I can’t believe I’m making the big 5-0,” he says, sounding genuinely surprised. “I feel so much younger.”

And while he’s chasing after his four children – Junior, 17, and Princess, 15, with ex Katie Price, 44, who he fell in love with in the jungle I am a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, and Amelia, eight, and Theo, six, with doctor Emily, 33, – he’s also gearing up for some unique events across the UK. During these special experiences – coming to Crawley on March 24th – Peter will be meeting fans, making music and reminiscing about the past 30 years.

Here Peter, who lived in Sussex for years before finally moving across the border to Surrey, reveals what he has in store for 2023 in a snap interview…

The Argus: Peter Andre will be 50 in 2023Peter Andre will be 50 years old in 2023 (picture: included)

Sussex Life: Congratulations Peter – you’re turning 50 this year and celebrating 30 years in show business. It will last a whole year! Which one are you looking forward to the most?

Peter Andre: Thanks – it must be 30 years in showbiz. I’m so happy I’m still here and still doing things I love. I deny that I’m 50!

SL: What have you got planned to celebrate?

PA: It’s really weird. When I thought about the big 5-0 ages ago, I thought, right, I’m going to the US and I’m going to ride a Harley-Davidson down Route 66 with my buddies. But now I don’t even want a party. I want to go somewhere hot with my wife and kids. I gave myself an early gift of visiting my mum and dad just before Christmas. They live on the Gold Coast in Australia.

SL: Didn’t they just celebrate their 67th wedding anniversary?

PA: Yes. I remember when Mum got a letter from the Queen congratulating her on her 60th wedding anniversary and she said to call her and ask the Queen for a cup of tea. I met Her Majesty three times but we didn’t have those conditions!

SL: Have you met other royals?

PA: Yes, I met King Charles when he was Prince of Wales and William and Harry came to one of my concerts when they were young. I also met Diana who was as amazing and as beautiful as one would expect. She was very special.

SL: So what are you doing to honor your 30 years in show business? We understand you are coming to Sussex, which you know very well.

PA. I hope so because I’ve lived here for a long time [in the Withdean area in Brighton and Dormans Park, near East Grinstead among others]. I loved Dorman’s Park. There were cozy pubs and great restaurants and I loved my local Tesco. Now I live in Surrey. I shop at Waitrose or Sainsbury’s not because I’m posh, because I’m not, but they’re the closest, but in Sussex I loved Tesco. I would also go to the South Downs and the coast – it’s a fantastic place and I’m not far away in Surrey now.

SL: You bought Tom Cruise’s house in Dormans Park, didn’t you?

PA: I didn’t own it, I rented it for a year, but I never met him. Still, it was a special place.

SL: Did he leave any of his belongings there?

PA: (laughs) No, there was nothing of that top gun left behind.

SL: When are you performing in Sussex?

PA: I’m coming there in March [at The Hawth, Crawley on the 24th ). That will be one of my first five shows, which are very unique. They’re not concerts. It’s similar to when a comedian tours and goes to comedy clubs to test the shows, and then goes out into the stadiums and theatres. They’re like that.

I’ve teamed up with [award-winning director-choreographer] Gary Lloyd, the man behind it thriller in the west end. It’s a cool concept and the audience for the first five shows will be part of the show. It’s something very different and once we’ve done those first shows we’re going to make it much bigger and it’s going to run for years.

That’s just one of the things I wanted to start and then I have to finish the album I’m working on right now.

SL: Sounds like you’re very busy. What time you sleep?

PA: (chuckles) I love being busy.

SL: How about seeing you on TV soon? We loved your reality TV shows. If you have been asked to do so i am a celebrity… or Be sure to come dance which one would you take

PA: (right away) i am a celebrity because although Strict is a great show, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.

SL: But you are a good dancer!

PA: Why thank you. It’s just so intense and technical and every dance is different and you have to be good at all of them. When I did the Charleston, I got three 10s and Len stood up and gave us a standing ovation, but I got bad marks for the ballroom.

SL: You are in top form at the moment. What are those famous abs like?

PA: The body looked smooth because I did it Fat and with that intensity, it’s impossible to gain weight. But sometimes the abs hibernate — they decide to take a cold pill every now and then.

SL: So when you’re not on stage, how do you keep in shape?

PA: I don’t diet as it involves restricting what you eat. Instead, I’ve changed my lifestyle, which means I can eat whatever I want, but I’m only checking how much of it I eat. I’ve been doing this for 10 years and I feel great.

I partnered with nutritionist Ben Smith to create an app called #itsfine that shows you how much to eat throughout the week to see sustainable results. Honestly, I have a treat like a donut or a piece of cake every day and I keep in shape.

Diets don’t work. I know people who count calories all week and overeat on the weekends, but it’s torture. They stuff their faces with pizza, donuts, and McDonald’s and eat more calories than they’ve saved all week.

I don’t feel the urge to eat because I know I can have a treat. I take an apple or salad and nuts, but I also eat pasta. I love cinnamon rolls so I’ll eat one of these when I can. I have four children – this keeps me busy and on my toes!

The Argus: Peter Andre celebrates 30 years in showbizPeter Andre celebrates 30 years in showbiz (picture: included)

  • Peter Andre was interviewed by The Argus for the Suster title Sussex Life, click HERE to subscribe. You can pick up copies at stores and businesses and read the website HERE

SL: are you a strict dad

PA: I used to be strict, but I’ve changed as a person and now I’m a fair dad. My mother and father were very strict and very religious and they taught me their values ​​– and the values ​​from back then.

I remember sitting Junior down when he was three years old and saying, ‘Pink is for girls, blue is for boys. Girls don’t kiss girls and boys don’t kiss boys.” Of course I don’t think at all now and when I was 12 I told him that the most important thing is to love someone and it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl. I’ve changed so much. Now I think you can be who you want to be and love who you love.

SL: We remember you were a bit hypochondriac – how come now that you’re married to a doctor?

PA: (laughs) I always think that if I get a splinter, my fingers will fall off. I remember going to Emily thinking I was sick and she just said ‘no’.

Emily: (enters and listens) No, I didn’t. Not if it’s something serious.

PA: (sounds embarrassed). Well, of course it was something serious, she would be sympathetic, but if I’m a hypochondriac, she’ll just say, pull yourself together.

SL: What question would you like to have been asked but has not been asked yet?

PA: oh i know “Will you be James Bond?” I wait for the film directors to call and I say, “I need to review my schedule.”

SL: But you have an Australian accent, Peter, you can’t be Bond.

PA: One of the Bonds was an Aussie, wasn’t he? Was it Timothy Dalton?[It was George Lazenby]

(switches to perfect British accent) I can put on a posh accent and speak like Bond, you know, Karen.

SL: (laughs). Yes you can! After all, what’s the secret to still being on top and being loved by the public after 30 years?

PA: It’s easy. Work hard, stay true to yourself and don’t be an idiot.

30 Years Celebration Show with Peter Andre, The Hawth, Crawley on Friday 24 March 2023. Tickets: £45-£59 (plus £50 for Meet and Greet). Each ticket holder will receive a free NFT.

https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/23262619.pop-star-peter-andre-i-want-next-james-bond/?ref=rss Pop star Peter Andre: “I want to be the next James Bond”

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