Popular herb that lowers risk of Alzheimer’s disease and lowers blood sugar

A COMMON herb found in many dishes has properties that may reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and lower your blood sugar.

It’s a divisive flavor that everyone may love or hate, but it’s said to be very beneficial for your health.

Coriander is used in curries, salads, soups and as garnishes - but it looks so good for you


Coriander is used in curries, salads, soups and as garnishes – but it looks so good for youCredit: Getty – Contributor

Coriander, which is related to parsley, carrots and celery, is used in curries, soups and salsas.

It is believed to be helpful in reducing blood sugar levels.

In fact, this herb is very good, so people who already have low blood sugar or are being treated for diabetes should be careful when eating it.

Animal studies have shown that coriander seeds lower blood sugar by promoting the action of enzymes that remove sugar.

Flavorful garnishes are also good for your brain and keep it in great shape.

Diseases like Alzheimer’s have been linked to brain inflammation — and coriander’s anti-inflammatory properties can help combat that.

One study in mice showed it protected against nerve cell damage and improved memory.

It may also help reduce anxiety, with another study showing it to have the same effects as a common anxiety drug.

Your heart may even benefit from this herb, with some studies showing it reduces heart disease risk factors like high blood pressure and cholesterol.

In people who eat a lot of coriander, the incidence of heart disease is much lower – this may be due to its properties.

However, since it gives dishes more flavor, it is possible that less salt and sugar is used.

The oil obtained from coriander seeds may also be helpful in supporting healthy digestion.

One small study looked at people with irritable bowel syndrome Found herbal drops containing coriander relieve pain, bloating and discomfort.

It is also thought to have anti-bacterial compounds that may help fight certain infections, such as urinary tract infections.


Coriander also has a number of benefits for your skin, including soothing mild rashes.

Some studies show it can prevent cell damage, which can cause faster skin aging and damage from ultraviolet B radiation.

Coriander leaf juice has been used for people with skin conditions such as acne, oiliness, or dryness – but more research is needed on this.

Coriander juice can help those who are trying visceral fat changes, according to healthcare psychologist Ieva Kebiliute.

Large amounts of visceral fat can increase your risk of developing chronic health conditions, like heart disease.

It is associated with a sedentary lifestyle, sedentary lifestyle, and a lot of sitting.

The best way to healthy weight loss is to make sure you’re eating a combination of fruits and vegetables and cut down on sugar, while also making sure you exercise.

It may not be the best idea for everyone to eat a lot of coriander supplement or take it in oil and extract form, so talk to a healthcare professional before you overhaul your diet. mine.

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