“Prince Louis didn’t bother with etiquette during the anniversary and I adored him for it” – Val Savage

In this week’s column, Val, the mother of Mirror columnist and soccer legend Robbie Savage, joins the Prince Louis fan club and opens up about her wobbly butt dance

Prince Louis with his mother and sister during the Platinum Jubilee
Prince Louis with his mother and sister during the Platinum Jubilee

I was hooked on the platinum anniversary celebrations from Friday morning through Sunday night and will revisit it whenever I need a cheer.

Watching Paddington have tea with the Queen was my highlight – seeing my two darlings together did me good.

When Sweet Caroline played during the concert, I sang along in my loudest voice and waved my arms so wildly over my head that I needed a paracetamol afterwards. I wish everyone in the royal box had done the same – how could anyone not resonate with this song?

Little Prince Louis didn’t care for stuffy etiquette and I admired him for it. Kate beamed. She never goes wrong, from her dapper outfits to her big smiles and warm parenting.

And even after all the colourfulness, the concert of legendary artists and the liveliness of the pageant, the sight of the Queen was the best sight of all.

I was proud to be British and glad to be alive to see a spectacle no other country in the world could reproduce. Since then I’ve had the song “Nobody Does It Better” in my head.

Prince Louis of Cambridge watches the Platinum Jubilee Pageant from the Royal Box


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Lulu has a lot on Shout

Didn’t Lulu look at least two decades younger than her 73 years at the anniversary?

I’ve always been a fan and their song Shout is my party tune.

A few years ago at my late husband Colin’s niece’s wedding, I was so busy chatting with the guests that by the time I was ready to play, the band had started to pack up. So I climbed onto the stage, asked them to turn on some background music, grabbed the mic and started singing Lulu’s Shout.

I did her jiggly butt dance as best I could and passed the mic to different people to sing the “Wooh” bits.

The bridesmaids didn’t know me from Adam, but by the end of the night they did.

Lulu attending the BBC Music Awards at the Excel on December 12, 2016


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Val’s friends said Sensodyne toothpaste was the cheapest at Home Bargains


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Let’s all keep an eye out for bargains

I’m really lucky to have friends who make sure I never run out of stuff now that my legs are too bad to go shopping.

My friends tell me that Sensodyne toothpaste is the cheapest at Home Bargains, butter is on sale at Asda, and they keep a close eye on Tena Lady’s deals.

But many people our age don’t have the mobility to shop and lug themselves from one end of the city to the other. And younger people often work two or even three jobs and don’t have time.

So yes, Boris should have resigned this week. But many of us don’t have the time to debate whether the vote of confidence outcome was good or bad because we’re too worried about keeping food on our tables.

Whoever is next in charge of our country will not have a magic wand to make these crippling price hikes go away.

For now, we have no choice but to put up with it. So let’s not only make small talk about the weather, but also share bargains and money-saving tips – just like the Mirror does every day under its weather forecast. Even a little help is a very appreciated help.

No Spain? There’s always Blackpool

My neighbor and her family were counting down the days until their holidays in Benidorm. But then the airline canceled.

Instead they head to Blackpool for a few days and while the adults are disappointed my neighbour’s little grandson is not. He won’t realize he misses the Spanish sun and instead will be thrilled to see the bright lights of Pleasure Beach.

Isn’t this young positivity beautiful? If we could learn a lesson in our children’s books, we would all be happier.

People sunbathing in Blackpool


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Rafa is just off-putting

When tennis season starts, my socializing stops. I don’t answer the phone or answer the door when matches grab me.

I wanted to stock up on strawberries to snack on while watching tennis. But then Sheila bought me a Patisserie Valerie Strawberry Tart from Sainsbury’s and I ate these instead (in fact, I could have had three).

I settled down to watch Rafael Nadal at the French Open but didn’t last long. Before each shot, he pulls his briefs out of his shorts, wipes his forehead, blows his nose, bounces a ball, adjusts his t-shirt and brushes his hair back from his face. I can’t do that with the Rigmarole. I yelled, “Just keep going!” before switching channels to save my blood pressure.


Wales have qualified for the World Cup for the first time since 1958 and I’m thrilled.

We earned our place by beating Ukraine, which got me a place because I know the rest of Europe wanted Ukraine to win.

There is no room for emotions in sport. Although I love Ukraine, I love Wales even more.

Rafael Nadal last weekend


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The thought of losing my beloved Coco broke our hearts

Our beloved dog Coco has been ill for some time. He was face-timing me from the sofa while snuggling with her and was worried sick because Coco is still having trouble eating after major surgery.

Robert’s wife Sarah called the vet, who sadly said it was time to put poor Coco to sleep. The whole family sobbed at the news and spent time with Coco in her arms to tell her how much she loved her.

The next day when Coco went to the vet, Sarah FaceTimed me so I could say goodbye to Coco. But I couldn’t speak. I tried to make myself a cup of tea to pull myself together, but I couldn’t drink it and threw it away. I didn’t know what to do with myself and my stomach knotted at the thought of the dog we all loved to leave.

An hour and a half later, Robert’s youngest son Freddie FaceTimed and I dreaded hearing the words. But he said the vet decided Coco was still recovering from her major surgery and hadn’t reached the stage where it would have been better for them to put her down.

We’ve all been through the wringer and are emotional wrecks. But for now, Robert’s family enjoys every moment with Coco and clings to her. We feel lucky that we can love her for a while longer.

If you wish to contact Val please email or write to Val Savage, PO Box 7290, E14 5DD. Der Spiegel donates instead of a payment to the Alzheimer’s Society.

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