Putin completely misjudged how the world would react

There is rarely anything more disturbing in life than to witness another person putting his own lowly obsession and addiction to power before another nation’s right to live in peace and tranquility.

Vladimir Putin continues to carry out his “mission” of destroying innocent lives and tearing a country from the palm of its rightful owners, it is becoming increasingly clear that he has completely misjudged world response.

I can only begin to wonder if Putin, by his own logic, thinks that by reducing his actions to a more microscopic level (invading only one country), the rest of the world will take their seats in the arena and see if it plays out. .

Of course that’s just a possibility. But if it is even partially true, it would lead us to assume that Putin is far from being the clever mastermind he is so proud to call himself.

It is clear that he is both blind and naive to the interconnectedness of humanity and, as a result, he did not expect to encounter such global resistance and exponential force.

The consequences he will face for the rest of his life are irreversible and, at a minimum, are likely to further paralyze him with paranoia, fear and isolation.

The Ukrainian people are truly remarkable in their response to such atrocities and I believe that, with continued help from the wider world, they will prevail.

The courageous Russians who marched and spoke out against Putin must also be recognized, as they too are risking their lives for world democracy.

Alison Delahunt

Lucan, Co Dublin

Sadly, the stain of war has been woven into the fabric of humanity

Vladimir Putin’s terrible decision to attack Ukraine, and the obvious surprise and anger in the Kremlin at the incredible bravery and unyielding resistance of the Ukrainian people, show that he was a poor student in his life. own history.

During World War 2, in bloody and fierce campaigns from 1941 to 1943, it was his countrymen who fought like dogs to defeat the power of the Nazi war machine when it tries to take Moscow and Stalingrad.

The Soviet Union defeated them on both occasions. The battle at Stalingrad saw at least two million casualties.

The lesson here is that a people fighting for their survival and freedom will do it to the death.

Sadly, our history keeps repeating itself. It proves that for all the advancements of our society, the stain of war has been woven into the fabric of humanity.

It has always been with us and grimly, it looks like from this week it will always be with us in some form.

Kevin Donohue

Co Carlow

The horror of a young girl killed in a senseless war

Control for work, I heard Claire Byrne recount the following regarding a six-year-old girl severely wounded by Russian shelling.

“She is pale. Her brown hair was tied back with an elastic band. Her bloody pajamas are decorated with cartoon unicorns. A medical team pumped her breasts, fighting desperately to revive her.

“Her mother was standing outside the ambulance crying. The girl, whose name was not immediately known, could not be saved. The doctor put his hand gently over her face to make her close her eyes. Her body was left alone in the room, covered in a light-colored polyester coat, smeared with blood. ”

I do not know what to say. All I could do was pull over to the side of the highway and cry.

Brian McDevitt

Glenties, Co Donegal

An answer from the pre-profit for Frank Coughlan

In one article titled “The Irish Left’s Anti-Western Religiosity Can’t Be Copyed Anymore” (Irish independenceOn March 1, Frank Coughlan made a blatant falsehood when he claimed that People Before Profit had “a light foothold for serial killers like Uncle Joe and Chairman Mao”.

He does not offer a single piece of evidence for this claim. People Before Profit follows the tradition of James Connolly and has always opposed the dictatorship of Mao and Stalin.

We oppose Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. We are in full solidarity with the Russian anti-war protesters and have held a rally of solidarity with them at the Russian embassy.

We also oppose any attempt by NATO to escalate this conflict and defend Irish neutrality. Mr. Coughlan clearly disagrees with us. However, he should make his arguments factual.

Kieran Allen

Secretary, people before profit

https://www.independent.ie/opinion/letters/putin-completely-misjudged-how-the-world-would-react-41400794.html Putin completely misjudged how the world would react

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