Putin’s paratroopers face ‘massacre’ in Ukraine, stalling his invasion plans – World News

Vladimir Putin’s airborne forces are reportedly being massacred by Ukrainian forces, with dozens of Russian paratroopers killed in just one failed attack on Hostomel airport

Major General of the Russian Airborne Division Andrei Sukhovetsky was shot dead by a sniper near Mariupol
Major General of the Russian Airborne Division Andrei Sukhovetsky was shot dead by a sniper near Mariupol

According to experts, Vladimir Putin’s invasion plan was stalled by the massacre of his paratroopers in Ukraine.

The elite soldiers were a key component of the reported Russian plan to capture the capital Kyiv within 48 hours.

However, Ukrainian forces fiercely resisted the invaders, dashing the Kremlin’s hopes of a quick victory.

During the first three weeks of Putin’s invasion, several of Russia’s top paratroopers were killed, including Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky.

Sukhovetsky was shot dead by a sniper near the besieged city of Mariupol on February 28.

Another elite paratrooper, 23-year-old Georgy Dudorov, the son of one of Putin’s KGB allies, was also killed when a Ukrainian artillery attack hit his convoy.

Georgy Dudorov was killed by an artillery attack on his convoy


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Vladimir Putin’s plan for a quick victory was foiled by stiff Ukrainian resistance



Dozens of Russian paratroopers were killed in an unsuccessful attempt to capture Hostomel airport, said Taras Kuzio, an expert at the security consultancy of the Henry Jackson Association.

I said Sun : “They (paratroopers) were sent ahead of the main force to secure a position where they could put the main force up.

“During this war, they were flown to Hostomel airport near Kyiv to do this but were all killed.

“Two paratrooper transport planes that had flown from Belarus to carry out similar tactics at another airfield near Kyiv were shot out of the sky. 300 paratroopers were killed in the two-person transport plane. “

Paratrooper Roman Filatov is one of the few Russian casualties acknowledged by the Kremlin



The research colleagues added that the destruction of Putin’s paratroopers stalled his invasion plans.

The Russian paratroopers also failed in their attack on the town of Voznesensk.

Kremlin troops retreated more than 40 miles to stiff Ukrainian resistance.

About 100 Russian soldiers were killed in the tough attack and 10 others were captured, local officials said.

Dr Patrick Bury, senior lecturer in security at the University of Bath, said Putin’s use of paratroopers showed he believed Ukraine would surrender without a fight.

Captain Alexander Shokun, of the 11th Separate Guards Air Defense Assault Brigade, was killed in Ukraine



He said airborne forces were crucial to the invasion plan, but added that ‘it didn’t work for them’.

Last week, Russia acknowledged the deaths of five “heroes” of paratroopers in Ukraine.

The total number of deaths that Russia suffered in the war is still a secret, but many cases of ‘heroes’ who died in combat are being revealed.

The Ukrainian army fiercely resisted the Russian invasion, causing heavy damage


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Four of the five ‘heroic’ Russian paratroopers killed in combat are named; Captain Alexander Shokun, Sergeant Alexander Mikhalev, Sergeant Anton Voronov and Corporal Yevgeny Romanov.

These men belonged to the 11th Separate Guards Air Defense Assault Brigade.

Another soldier declared dead by Russia is Roman Filatov.

He is also a paratrooper, according to a statement, serving in the 56th amphibious assault brigade.

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