Puzzle Pro explains why you can’t stop playing the famous Wordle

WORDLE is still going strong after going viral on Twitter, but one puzzle expert explains why its simple format is a winning formula.

Mark Whiteway, head of content for Puzzler magazine, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, explains why the everyday word puzzle game is so addictive.

Puzzler mag has seen a surge in popularity during the lockdown and some in particular have raised over £18k for NHS Charity Together

Wordle gets good grades when it’s tough

“I think the game was very cleverly thought out. Its beauty is its simplicity,” explains Whiteway.

“It takes a few seconds to understand and is based on the language, which is something everyone has in common. It doesn’t take much knowledge to get started…

“I think [Wordle] promote knowledge that people have without necessarily knowing that they already have it. “

According to Whiteway, Wordle scores well in popularity; too hard, and people will get discouraged; too easy and no fun at all.

“One of the crafts in making a good puzzle is getting the right level, and I think that’s what was done. [with Wordle].

“Words have been carefully chosen. And also six predictions, I think, just the right amount to get you really into it.

“But it also introduces a bit of danger, so you won’t necessarily understand it – even if all your speculations are reasonable,”

Wordle is the perfect distraction without guilt, pleasant

One of Wordle’s appeals is that it offers one puzzle a day, and after six guesses – win or lose – you’re done for the day.

While Infinite Wordle clones like Wheeldle Since its appearance, this formula has helped it to become more popular.

“Word games… and puzzles [are] a great escape from the other stuff going on. They are a big distraction.

“And the beauty of [Wordle] is that it only takes a few minutes. So there’s no guilt in doing it.

“It is a puzzle with a solution. You know, most of the problems we face, don’t have an easy solution.

“The brain is geared to try and solve problems, and any impact it can get from finding a solution to a solvable puzzle gives you a reward.

“[Wordle] contribute to all of that. The word puzzle does all of that because you already have a starting point.

“You’ve got some immediate knowledge. So any puzzle you do – whether it’s a good crossword puzzle Puzzler’s Codewords, it’s a great entertainment. ”

He calls the everyday aspect a “smart idea” and adds that “it won’t take up much of your time but it also leaves you wanting more. So that’s the prediction of the next one. “

Wordle’s spoiler-free social aspect adds another layer

“I-I think the social aspect of it is very important. I like the neat way it does it. It is very intuitive.

“It’s square and color pattern, and there are no vandals. It’s a great way to convey the message that you’ve got it without having to give anything away. I think that’s very neat.

“And obviously with the emojis you share, you can see the different strategies people are taking.

“For example my strategy – I won’t reuse the letters I’ve already revealed because I want to get as much information as possible.”

Wordle tips and tricks

I took the opportunity to ask for some Wordle tips and tricks and they arranged according to The Sun’s Wordle strategy.

In short, don’t reuse letters in guesses, don’t forget to repeat letters, ‘Y’ can be used as a vowel and choose a three-vowel word for your first guess.

And if there’s anything ‘priority door’ has taught us, it’s keep an eye out for US spelling and somewhat obscure words.

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