Quantum Leap for Privacy: PureVPN brings the power of quantum-resistant encryption keys to the masses

Virtual Private Network PureVPN introduces a quantum-resistant feature in its OpenVPN protocol, offering its 3 million users more security and privacy than ever before as we make our way into a post-quantum world.

PureVPN has partnered with Quantinuum, the world’s largest integrated quantum computing company, to provide quantum-resistant encryption keys – the first part of its quantum-resistant capability. Using Quantinuum’s cyber platform, Quantum Origin, PureVPN was able to create and deploy encryption keys generated using a verifiable quantum process, which is more secure than keys generated from unverified, classical processes.

The revolutionary technology will future-proof PureVPN users against threats to their data and privacy as quantum computing gains traction. By employing quantum-resistant encryption keys, PureVPN users can enjoy the added benefit of increased privacy and anonymity across all devices, improved security when working remotely, safer online banking and crypto transactions, and an extra layer of protection from illegal surveillance. This layer of protection will continue as quantum computing becomes more accessible and commercial.

The feature will initially roll out alongside split tunneling and obfuscation features in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android apps.

Uzair Gadit, Co-Founder and CEO, PureVPN remarked: “To put it in perspective, quantum computers solve mathematical problems that currently require a conventional supercomputer until the end of time, in a matter of hours. That’s how powerful the technology will be. Quantum computers will outperform even today’s most powerful supercomputers, which means all current encryption protocols will be broken in time.”

Quantum computing attacks are becoming a clear possibility against current ciphers such as RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman), ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm), DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm) and the Diffie-Hellman key agreement protocol, all of which protect against sensitive government data , to power plants and stock markets. While the threat posed by quantum computing may seem far away, there is an urgent need to stay protected and prepared from such long-term perils, especially due to the “harvest now, decrypt later” threat. Hackers and digital attackers tap into encrypted data channels and collect a significant amount of encrypted data in anticipation of releasing it with a quantum computer in the future.

In addition to strengthening our encryption keys as a first step, PureVPN is driving a transition plan to quantum-resistant algorithms, which are currently undergoing a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) approval process. Once the algorithms are defined, this will be the next step in our quantum journey.

A study by Dimensional Research found that two-thirds of cybersecurity executives and experts believe current encryption protocols don’t stand a chance against hackers using a quantum computer. The same study on the subject showed that 89% of 600 cybersecurity professionals around the world predict current encryption will be compromised by 2026. Alarmingly, more than 50% of companies are not even aware of quantum security threats.

According to Duncan Jones, head of cybersecurity at Quantinuum: “Encryption keys are a fundamental part of securing sensitive data. Using encryption keys generated from an auditable quantum source increases security beyond what is available today and eliminates risk at a time when the cyber threat has never been greater.”

This initiative comes quickly after the launch of the PureVPN WireGuard protocol last year. PureVPN is a no-log certified company and has an always-on audit policy, meaning its servers and systems are open to unscheduled or surprise audits at any time. The VPN service also offers customers 24/7 customer support and 10-day multi-login access.

Uzair Gadit added: “This announcement is our commitment to privacy and technological advances in the information age. “When quantum computing raises the stakes between code makers and code breakers, we want to be on the right side of history, or in this case the future.”

PureVPN is committed to providing digital security while ensuring its users have the safest and smoothest online experience. The VPN service continues to serve its 3 million+ satisfied customers with 6500+ servers in 78+ countries and up to 20Gb network bandwidth. Quantum Leap for Privacy: PureVPN brings the power of quantum-resistant encryption keys to the masses

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