Racial problems in the Ukraine war

The growing criticism in the media about the crisis in Ukraine has made the difference between war in a “civilized” European country and conflict in other parts of the world. gender.

The charge was granted at a ITV journalist from Poland, who expressed skepticism when he saw war somewhere “not in a developing country, in the third world” and a Al Jazeera The anchor said it was “convincing” that the Ukrainian refugees appeared to be “prosperous middle-class people… like any European family you would live next to.”

The BBC was also criticized for not challenging Ukraine’s Deputy Prosecutor General, David Sakvarelidze, who in an interview described the crisis as “very emotional for me because I see Europeans with blue eyes and blond hair was killed”.

BBC Radio 4’s Today program highlights comments made by Tim Stanley in Thoughts of the day part. The historian and Telegraph columnist says that Ukraine has “touched the West in a way that Syria or Yemen don’t” in part because “it looks so familiar… those streets, dug up to serve as trenches, could be is our way. And young men… can be our sons or fathers.”

‘This is a civilized city’

In the US, CBS News senior foreign correspondent Charlie D’Agata was forced to apologize after a clip of him directly comparing the crisis in Ukraine to the war in the Middle East went viral.

Ukraine “is not a place, with all due respect, like Iraq or Afghanistan, that has seen conflict flare up for decades,” he said. “This is a relatively civilized, relatively European city – I must choose those words carefully too – a city where you wouldn’t expect that, or hope that it would happen. .”

He later respond to his commentexplained that he was hoping to convey that it was “Scale of war” in Ukraine that makes it unique “unlike some of the conflicts in the nations… which have suffered tragically through years of fighting”.

‘They seem a lot like us’

“They seem a lot like us. That’s what makes it so shocking,” Daniel Hannan, a former Conservative Party MEP and leading Brexit campaigner, wrote in an article for walkie talkie. “War is no longer something that happens to poor and isolated people. It can happen to anyone.”

The comment by Hannan and D’Agata is one of a number of examples of “Eastern discrimination and racism” reporting that was included in a declare by the Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association (AMEJA), a US nonprofit group, condemns coverage of the crisis.

“This type of commentary reflects the prevailing sentiment in the Western press about the normalization of tragedy in regions of the world such as the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Latin America, war,” the statement said. in a certain way normal and expected. ”

Discrimination at the border

What is ‘trouble’, author and Brooklyn College professor Moustafa Bayoumi wrote in Guardians, it is “this kind of racist and slanted media that extends beyond our screens and newspapers, and easily creeps in and blends into our politics”. Bayoumi was referring to the fact that along with such prejudiced reporting, people of color in Ukraine are facing discrimination as they try to flee the Russian invasion.

Last week, New York Times reports that Africans living in Ukraine have been pushed to the edge and even beaten by Ukrainian authorities as they seek refuge in neighboring EU countries.

Chineye Mbagwu, a 24-year-old doctor from Nigeria who lives in western Ukraine, told the newspaper that border guards “won’t let us through” and “beat people with sticks”.

The African Union released a statement describing the reports as “incredibly racist” and reminding European leaders that “everyone has the right to cross international borders”. during the conflict, and therefore, should enjoy the same rights to get to safety from the conflict in Ukraine, regardless of their nationality or race”.

Attacked on arrival to safety

Even when the supposedly safe level of safety has been reached, people of color are still subject to racist violence and abuse.

Last week, Guardians reported that a group of non-white refugees were attacked in Przemyśl, Poland, shortly after they arrived at the train station from various Ukrainian cities. One person was hospitalized by the attackers, who shouted “Back to the train station! Go home.”

Polish police warned that groups with links to the far right had “spread false information about the alleged crimes of people from Africa and the Middle East fleeing the war in Ukraine”.

As Bayoumi pointed out in The Guardian, “the very concept of providing shelter is not and should not be based on factors such as physical proximity or skin colour.”

“If our empathy is only activated when we greet those like us or pray like us, then we are forced to recreate the very kind of narrow-minded, ignorant nationalism that fights,” he writes. competition from the very beginning.”

https://www.theweek.co.uk/news/world-news/europe/955993/the-ukraine-war-race-problem Racial problems in the Ukraine war

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