Random: “Nobody Closes Their Eyes” on Waluigi’s ‘Crotch Chop’ in Super Mario Strikers

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Everyone has their signature footie celebration, right? Run to the corner of the flag, take off your shirt, do a little jump – whatever makes your boat afloat. That still holds true for the Mario universe and Mario Strikers retaining that is important to the developer of Next Level Games when creating a franchise.

Of course, there is a very celebrate the famous goal, and of course It’s Waluigi’s. Hey, we love him too, and his signature, ahem, hip-cut wand lit up the world of Waluigi fans. As part of GameXplain’s interview with Mike Inglehart – director of Super Mario Strikers – former Next Level Game developer was asked how this celebration came to be; And the answer is way simpler than you think!

“The crotch shot, you just don’t expect it to come through, but you know, nobody’s eyeing it so we don’t put it up because we want it in there and be sure enough that it’s going to land that way.” us. I’m not sure if it’s in season three but I really want to see if it’s still there. I hope it’s still there.”

We hope it’s still there – it’s become part of Waluigi’s identity by this point! But the fact that no one at Nintendo even came up with that was a bit of a surprise, but perhaps Nintendo saw that Next Level Games understood the character.

It certainly looked like Inglehart at least did. Earlier in the conversation, he almost went into a full analysis of the psychology and characteristics of Waluigi – and his brother Wario -. Is this the Wario and Waluigi lore some of you are stringing together a bit?:

“The inspiration for that came from pretty obvious words like the shape – even though it’s a ‘V’, we think it represents part of the ‘W’, so that’s how he connects. with his first letter Waluigi, we describe him as a guy – yeah, he’s a bit, I don’t know, a little bit sharper than Wario. Wario is like a bad guy, and Waluigi, we just want to get to know him a little bit more He’s really mean to his side friends both are mean to his side friends but Wario about being self-loathing and Waluigi is the one to blame, and everyone else has done something wrong.”

You’ve heard it from Mike Inglehart here before, guys – Waluigi is the best, and he’s also the one to blame others before blaming himself. Wario’s struggle with self-loathing also makes him a little more bearable. Maybe a potential future Wario Land maybe explore that a bit more?

We wonder what else the full interview, when it’s finally published, will bring as we wait for Mario Strikers: Battle League to (hopefully) score a free kick this summer. But what we do know from these little snippets is that the series could have been a platformer at some point.

So, Waluigi fans, what do you think of this news? Do you hope we see it again on Switch? Let us know in the comments section! Random: “Nobody Closes Their Eyes” on Waluigi’s ‘Crotch Chop’ in Super Mario Strikers

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