“Really?!?”: Jen Psaki rips apart Kevin McCarthy’s shutdown scare


McCarthy lamented last week: “This is a whole new concept of individuals just wanting to burn everything down.”

“Really?” Psaki asked Sunday. “Is this a ‘completely new concept, that certain Republicans want to burn the place down?’ Well, I have news for you, Speaker McCarthy, if you’ve been sleeping for the last few years. The building has been burning for years.”

Psaki noted that Republicans were responsible for the government shutdowns in 2013 and 2018-19. “And if we really want to talk about burning down the entire House of Representatives when the actual Capitol was attacked by a group of insurrectionists, then Kevin McCarthy and the majority of his party have simply waved it off and pledged allegiance to the architect of that chaos. Donald Trump.”

Former President Donald Trump “effectively leads the House of Representatives” and “pulls the strings,” Psaki said.

But it was the job of McCarthy, who she said sold his soul to the far-right wing of his party to take over as speaker, to “fix the problem, put out the fire.”

“The big question now, less than a week before a possible government shutdown, is whether you can handle this task,” she concluded.

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