Recap ‘And Just Like That’ Episode 9: A Challenging Stage

“If they got Charlotte pregnant at 55…,” I wince to myself as she tells Carrie and Miranda that she hasn’t had her period in four months. But as soon as I saw her come to paint the women’s residence in a striking white limo and all-white outfit, I knew what was to come.

This week’s episode spent an impressive amount of time on the period drama. The first is Charlotte, approaching menopause and ending up with a giant red spot on her pants. And then there was her daughter Lily, and all the brouhaha surrounding her first tampon use. Charlotte runs a clinic in their bathroom, showing Lily a multitude of insertion methods, only to have all that training go to pieces when Lily determines she can’t take it out on her own, screams with her mother for help from within the Port. -o-bo.

That’s a lot. Still, it seems like an attempt to lighten up an episode that focuses almost entirely on our heroines’ various attempts to lighten up on themselves.

If anyone needs to feel cold, it’s Miranda – and that’s in Miranda’s words. She and Che are currently dating (or Che defines it as “getting to know each other”), but Miranda is still in. She’s in the depths of her honeymoon, but she’s there alone, accidentally dropping the “girlfriend” label in front of strangers, prompting Che to react coldly, and appear unexpectedly with cookies and a smile. kissed on Che’s doorstep, only to be rejected.

Miranda suddenly felt like an idiot, or so to say, like sassy Meg Ryan. She’s doing all the whimsical, romantic, fluffy stuff she used to yell at her friends – especially Carrie.

Remember in Season 3 of “Sex and the City” when Miranda chastised Carrie for turning into “this poor, needy, insecure victim” whenever she got close to Big? Or in Season 6 when she yells at Carrie in the middle of the street that Carrie is “living a fantasy” when she decides to run away to Paris with the Russians? Carrie no smart when in love, and now, so does Miranda. And she doesn’t like it.

So she tries to be stubborn, not answering when Che calls her phone, only becoming flustered when Che doesn’t leave a voicemail message. “Oh so you’re making the ‘Rules’ now?” Carrie is cold.

And yes, all of this doesn’t sit well with Miranda nonsense and for some viewers, that seems like a betrayal of her personality. But I do not agree. Miranda has always valued practicality when it comes to love because looking back, it seems like she never really felt it. Neither pretty Skipper Johnston (Ben Weber) nor sexy Dr. Robert Leeds (Blair Underwood) nor our beloved, steadfast Steve could ever have her skin like Che has. This To be Miranda is in love, and it turns out she’s no better than the rest of us.

So now, for the first time, Miranda leads with her heart instead of her head, and that makes her a completely different person. Che had awakened something inside her that she never knew existed, and if that doesn’t change something inside, so what? The only sad thing about it is that while Miranda’s heart suddenly opens, Steve’s heart is being destroyed.

When Steve and Carrie are impressed during the paint event of Nya’s shelter – a scene where I want to jump across the screen and hug Steve – Steve asks the nasty questions he has every right to ask: Does Carrie know about Miranda and Che? Did she recommend them? How long did their love affair last?

Carrie stumbles, over her own words and on her paint tray, and ends up in the bathroom washing off her completely-unfit-for-for- (but totally-liking) paintings. -fit-for-Carrie-painting) shoes. In the process, Big’s wedding ring – which Carrie has been wearing since she canceled her #2 date with Peter earlier in the episode – slips off her finger and falls into the drain.

Steve comes to the rescue, using some rudimentary plumbing skills to help Carrie get the ring back. When it fell out of the pipe, she was extremely relieved. At least she can keep that minutiae in her marriage.

Turns out Steve was doing the same thing. He points to his own wedding ring and informs Carrie that it will never come out. “What a wonderful, wonderful person you are,” sighed Carrie. “You might not want to find someone, at some point?”

“Never off,” he repeated.

Although the circumstances surrounding the end of their marriage were completely different, both Carrie and Steve bonded with spouses that never returned.

But when Carrie returns home, she realizes she doesn’t really want to be like Steve. She took off Big’s wedding ring and her own, then put them in a drawer. Maybe she could lighten up a little, too. At the end of the episode, she texts Peter to see if he’s ready to date one more time.

And just like that… it’s coming to an end. Will this chapter have a happy ending or a broken heart? Or maybe something completely different? We’ll all find out next week.

  • There was exactly one thing that was life without rent in my head, which I really wanted to get rid of: The moment when newcomer Anthony casually said the Holocaust was a hoax seconds after entering the Goldenblatt house . It’s hard to imagine that fringe conspiracy theory will be 1) accepted and 2) raised by any member of a marginalized community in a Jewish home in midtown Manhattan by 2022.

  • However, I’m going to make a GIF with Anthony shouting, “Get out!” and use it often on Twitter going forward. (Just kidding, I don’t know how to make GIFs. But if any readers can, please share). Recap ‘And Just Like That’ Episode 9: A Challenging Stage

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