Reject the past, the chainsaw man’s future devil rules

One of the wonderful things about Chainsaw Man is how the scaling of his monsters is proportional to the conceptual fear they would generate.

gun devil? Weapons are terrifying, this devil will be almighty. tomato devil? Sounds tasty and mushy, that won’t prove to be a threat at all. testicles devil? I guess it depends on how hard Denji kicks you.

So the Future Devil is definitely at the top of the ladder. Many people around the world fear the uncertainty that the future holds, whether it is the decline of society or an upcoming event with potentially dire consequences. Some of us just don’t want to face the hangover that tomorrow promises.

As such, when Aki is placed in the high-security chamber, we tend to think that the devil lurking within will be something utterly horrible. When we meet the Future Devil, he seems somehow intimidating and disarming at the same time.

First off, his appearance is that of a bearded, antlered humanoid tree faced by a pesky, giant eyeball poking out of an open chest cavity. On paper it sounds like an AI bot producing with a few prompts, but it’s definitely a striking face.

Image Credit: MAPPA via Crunchyroll

Then it speaks. Does it call the fel hunter forward? Does he sneer wickedly, knowing that another human being is about to make a great sacrifice for his services?

nope It proclaims loudly and forcefully that “the future rules”.

Again and again. As if that were the mantra of their life, and Aki’s lack of shared enthusiasm completely ruins their mood. When the surly young gentleman refuses to back down – not even to calm the demon down with a short whip or nae nae – the Future Devil comes out hunting and orders him to put his head in his chest so he can ascertain his fortune .

One quick look at what lies ahead and the Future Devil is amused. Delighted indeed, as if it had just touched a pair of boobs for the first time. Not only will it contract with Aki on the spot, it will lend its powers at a bargain price, merely asking that it be able to reside in its eye to guarantee a front row seat to its eventual death receive.

The reason for this discount? Aki’s death, it seems, will be the absolute worst.

Suddenly, this goofy, unconventional devil has changed his tune, delivering a harrowing message of what’s to come. Aki isn’t interested in learning the details, either worried it might affect his actions, or he’s resigned himself to such a fate anyway, and we as viewers have to wonder how and when that will happen. Can Aki somehow prevent this? Or is he on the fast track to disaster?

Manga readers could hardly contain their excitement (or their spoilers) as the Future Devil was about to debut, and indeed, its screen time is minimal. The reason it has garnered such a following is certainly due to its odd juxtaposition: an animal of immense power with a childlike temper who simply revels in his knowledge of the dire news ahead, like one of those children who has a secret, that they won. I won’t tell you.

Image Credit: MAPPA via Crunchyroll

This particular arc is particularly generous on the Devil and Fiend front, introducing hugely popular characters like the Angel Devil and the Violence Fiend. While Power used to seem like some kind of anomaly, we’re now beginning to understand that the world of devils isn’t so black and white.

It turns out they aren’t all entirely evil, and some of them don’t even harbor ill will toward humans. However, there is an instability to this loyalty, one that Kishibe is quick to warn others about. Devils and Fiends can be relied on in a pinch, but never fully trusted, as murderous intent lurks within each of them somewhere.

Where does the Future Devil stand (besides literally in one place since he’s constantly rooted to the ground)? It’s hard to say, and that really makes it all the more compelling. Its previous contracts have involved the price of multiple organs, and it cruelly negotiates with Aki just so it can soak up the experience of his death.

It also dances to scream out loud, like one of those goddamn Groot bobbleheads from a few years ago. It’s a perverted little bundle of contrasts who, in quick succession, act as a harbinger of doom and their own personal cheerleader.

It’s another example of the sublime storytelling mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto woven into Chainsaw Man. The show-don’t-tell approach provides enough information to keep us engaged without explicitly leading us to a definitive answer. You can draw your own conclusions about the Future Devil as well as your own fan art. You might stop just before the romantic Aki head cannons though. Reject the past, the chainsaw man’s future devil rules

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