Republican Rep. James Comer takes Biden’s dig at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and it backfires spectacularly


Ocasio-Cortez mentioned Republican attempts to reduce the number of cockpit training hours required for airline airliner licensing.

“I find it amusing that the lady has reservations about raising the age rule that limits the age of pilots when there is a shortage of pilots, but you are dealing with a President of the United States who is more than 20 years older than the minimum age, agree,” Comer said.

The progressive legislature quickly corrected him.

“Mr. Mr. Chairman, since you mean me, it’s not age. It’s exercise hour time – the number of hours a person exercises, not age.”

“Well, part of the rule is age, too,” Comer said in a comeback attempt.

The legislature has proposed fewer mandatory cockpit training sessions and more about simulators. Airlines have sought to change the Federal Aviation Administration’s 1,500-hour training requirement for commercial pilots, which was enacted during the Obama administration after a 2009 crash in western New York that killed 50 people.

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