Review Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Beautiful scenery has an advantage over plot and swordplay


You’ll never risk crippling RSI battles when you choose the fourth (yes, fourth) installment in this RPG story, which is known for its sweeping vistas like deep combat and sprawling storylines. .

tory took a dominant role in XC3 as the producers unfolded a complicated story about two nations locked in an endless war. It’s such a level of expression through cutscenes that you can set the Switch at regular intervals of 10 to 15 minutes while the characters talk at length. So there is no risk of hand fatigue with such long distances between monster battles.

Conversation will be acceptable if the dialogue is not often cheesy or downright funny. The scenario often resembles the cutscenes of some children’s cartoon rather than a megabudget project owned by Nintendo.

The consolation is that many conversations are fully voiced to a serviceable level, albeit mostly with regional British accents for no apparent reason. And the overall story manages to maintain enough intrigue with its swap between good and evil. Side quests and campfire chats fill out the protagonists’ back story nicely as two groups of sworn enemies are thrown together to fend off a larger threat.

The core of the XC3 plot effectively takes these six soldiers on a long road trip. Despite some bubbly villains and red-eyed demons, it’s the camaraderie that increasingly ties the story together as the heroes journey toward the giant sword that adorns the front of the box and almost always. visible on the horizon.

With both old alliances against them, the party traverses a series of dangerous but breathless lands, each vying for the last spot with eye-catching scenery and a swarm of hostile monsters.

XC3 started very early to streamline its combat systems and is still introducing new layers of complexity dozens of hours later. It’s manageable at first, especially on the easier difficulty levels, but after a few chapters most battles fill the screen with their notation. Target lines crisscross, icons hover over enemies and friends, while damage numbers fly out like confetti. Learning how to interpret important details is important because six of your team members can use two or three levels of magic and physical artsy each. All become intertwined when pitted against bosses, requiring you to coordinate attacks even if you only directly control one character.

You can go crazy trying to understand all the different possible builds. Some players will enjoy trying to find the optimal combination of class and ability. Others will simply be overwhelmed.

Though nearly collapsing under the hard weight of its own ambitions, the XC3 succeeds in its mission of entertaining through eye-opening travel in the company of a congenial fraternity. If you’re not a fan of Japanese RPGs, you’ll probably struggle to stay motivated amid all its bewilderment. But those who give more will find themselves still hooked after 50 hours, after 100 hours and who knows more…

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