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The venerable Gran Turismo 7 isn’t the only racing game released in the next week or so that can be traced back to 1997; indeed, the first seeds of Grid Legends was born the same year as the classic racing license TOCA Touring Cars on the original PC and PlayStation. Harnessing that 25-year history for inspiration and re-entering some long-forgotten characters, Codemasters has made Grid Legends the sequel to both Grid 2019. and In 2002, TOCA Race Driver, which was the first time the studio included a story in the series. Grid Legends’ real-life documentary-style approach is very different from the original PS2 cutscenes of the pioneering TOCA Race Controller, but it’s a story I’ve enjoyed watching – even if The action on the track has not changed significantly from Grid 2019.

Grid Legends’ story mode, Driven to Glory, is a bit different from the Codemasters mode that launched in F1 2021 last year; In Grid Legends, the story is presented as a sports documentary rather than a regular TV series. The ups and downs of the fictional, global, multi-field Grid Championship are contextually built through face-to-face interviews with the characters, plus other quick moments as the camera crew moves in. garage, VIP area and move around the lawn. It’s more of Netflix’s Survival Dynamics and less of Sylvester Stallone’s Motivation, and it’s probably the better of the two.

It’s more of Netflix’s Survival Dynamics and less of Sylvester Stallone’s Motivation, and it’s probably the better of the two.

The live-action presentation has been stitched together using a mixed reality process that places real actors on a fully digital backdrop, similar to the much-discussed technique used to shoot The Mandalorian and has actually worked quite well. It’s certainly an old-fashioned solution – and reminiscent of the so-called cutting-edge FMV cutscenes that the games industry excitedly filled CD-ROMs from the ’90s on – but, despite being a Uncommon approach, Driven to Glory is a smooth and good -edited package that has been largely executed without hokeyness.

It’s a simple story – unique upstart team Seneca Racing seeks to upset ruthless champions Ravenwest – but it’s effective enough, even if I find it a bit illogical to accept Seneca as the loser. penniless when their garage is filled with nearly unused racing machines worth tens of millions. I would also be lying if I said that I buy all these actors as reliable racers, but the acting of the actors is good and widely is serious. Sex Education’s Ncuti Gatwa is particularly interesting as the playful Rwandan-Scotland racer Valentin Manzi, although his appearances are limited. The villainous McKane duo raised it up a bit as Driven to Glory’s token tool bag, though admittedly nothing here was quite as memorably ostentatious as in Tim-era Command & Conquer: Red Alert Curry announced his intention to flee into space. Still, McKanes’ official re-introduction is a cute draw for me as a longtime fan; nice to see TOCA Race Driver hero Ryan retiring after two decades. It’s great to finally face his nephew Nathan – an AI competitor in the long-running Grid series who’s been terrorizing us on the track since 2008. They’re not the only characters. resurrected in Grid Legends, but I certainly won’t spoil it late, Cobra Kai-esque reveals here.

"Devon butler? Never heard of her."

“Devon Butler? Never heard of her.”

Urban legend

The set of 36 curated events in Driven to Glory took me about seven hours to work on and ultimately served as a springboard to the broader main career mode. Grid Legends splits its career mode into sections instead of displaying every available event on one screen, like Grid 2019 did, which is a more traditional and cleaner approach to careers in the game. racing games. On the other hand, I’ve had a bit of a hard time this time around, with some event types locking in randomly after completing others that are unrelated. There’s also more to do with sponsorship objectives to choose from and achieve as well as a buy boost for your teammates and mechanics, but Grid Legends is still spinning the wheel elsewhere. Unlocking new images for my team logo or pre-made livery designs is simply not fun when the creative tools in creative tools like Need for Speed, Forza and even Hot Wheels are working. in front of.

On the track, Grid Legends also sometimes had a hard time distinguishing it completely from the 2019 Grid – most notably when I ran the same race in the same cars on the same set of supposedly worn ribbons. overused in the previous game. That said, there has been a significant increase in the number of tracks offered in Grid Legends compared to the set in 2019, with popular circuits like Suzuka and Mount Panorama rejoining the list alongside a series of new urban street courses from London, Moscow, Paris, etc. The new urban tracks are filled with fancy fireworks effects and dense crowds like Grid 2019, but the layout is a bit like vanilla, lacking the elements. Corners or prominent areas cause me to remember the name of one course more than the name of another.

The most amazing racing game ever

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