Riot reveals League of Legends’ new Void champion, Bel’veth


Riot Games has revealed details about its latest game League of Legends Master by a cinema trailer.

The new champion Bel’veth is an empress and “god of oblivion” who comes from the heart of the void in Runeterra.

Described as a “dark crab” that has metastasized in the heart of the Void, Bel’Veth intends to consume Runeterra and rebuild it in her own image. She devours entire cities and their populace, using the information she gathers in an alien landscape known as the Lavender Sea. In the Void, she forces all to bend to her will or be destroyed.

Here is a short biography about Bel’veth:

Though new to Runterra, her birth has evolved over millennia—the end result of an allergic reaction between the Void and a nascent reality. The once pristine dimension of peaceful nothingness was irrevocably shattered as existence arose, and violently individualized beings of the void lashed out for eons to defend themselves against the shock and pain. They erased everything they consumed and were named for what they left behind – a void. But the beings within were transformed every time they touched the world, mutating from their once-perfect forms into hedonistic, violent beasts. So the Void changed with them.

After every battle, every incursion, something even more sinister grew deep in a hidden womb in the darkest corners of the Voidborn Tunnels… buildings, sunlight, proto-humanoid limbs reaching into nothing… A puzzle where none of the pieces fit… The Void had taken on a new, hideous form.

Over time, fueled by both humans opening rifts for war and the Wardens attempting to invade the Freljord, this blasphemous bag of uncreation grew to encompass the opposites of the Old Void: desire, lack, and need . Soon she longed for a guide. Someone – or something – who could write a terrible new chapter in the worlds above and below. A leader who could communicate with these “people”, tell them of what was to come, and harvest their emotions and memories as they waged a bitter, fruitless war until the last fires of civilization were extinguished and a new era began produced.

That leader is Bel’Veth. A terrifying empress born of the combined memories, experiences, and emotions of an entire tangled port city and its offshore ocean, Bel’Veth’s mind contains millions of years of perfectly preserved knowledge, granting her near-omniscience as she prepares to conquer both Runeterra as well as destroying the domain of their ancestors, the Guardians.

For those lucky enough to be of strategic value to her, she does not lie, ask questions, or obscure the truth—she simply reflects the nature of things, for by the very nature of the Void, such is victory almost certainly nothing more needs to be said. And those who dislike her will find that her human form is merely an adaptation—nerve endings, muscles, and eyestalks—as she unfolds her titanic wings to reveal her true, monstrous form.

Ironically, the ancient Shurimers had a word for such a concept. Loosely translated as “God of Oblivion,” it was a tribal myth of a ruthless deity who would obliterate all things without hate and replace them with himself. They named the city of Belveth after it, although the real meaning was lost after many hundreds of years. Perhaps lost to all but the creature this city has become.

More details about Bel’veth will be announced next week. Riot reveals League of Legends’ new Void champion, Bel’veth

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