Robbi Jade Lew cheats: In the “biggest scandal” in poker history

A cheating scandal has now erupted in the world of high stakes poker, just days after the chess community was rocked by what has been dubbed the biggest scandal in board game history.

A Los Angeles casino is investigating after a player accused his opponent of cheating to win a $269,000 pot with a bold bet that left viewers “speechless”.

Garrett Adelstein, considered one of the best high-stakes cash game players in the world, has claimed he was “clearly cheated” by his opponent Robbi Jade Lew after she went all-in with an overwhelming hand.

During the televised high-stakes game at the Hustler Casino, Adelstein had the seven and eight of clubs while Lew played wider with the jack of clubs and the four of hearts.

After the flop revealed the ten of hearts, ten of clubs, and nine of clubs, Adelstein bet high on the river given his chances of a straight, a flush, or even a straight flush.

But Lew stunned her opponents and the commentators when she called the bet and increased the pot to $269,000.

Another opponent at the table laughed and said, “She calls me with a jack-high.”

“She calls?” asked the commentator on the live stream, completely surprised. “What’s going on here. Is it possible that your hand is being misinterpreted in the card art?”

They agreed to hit the river twice, but it didn’t work out for either side and Lew won the full $269,000 pot with jack high.

It sparked excitement at the table as Adelstein said, “I don’t understand what’s happening right now.”

After a brief exchange, Adelstein gave Lew what she called a “death glare.”

“Garrett, you look like you want to kill me,” Lew said.

The commenter on the live stream said he was “speechless” and called it “the most disturbed look I’ve ever seen on Garrett.”

The two exchanged words on and off camera, with both players blaming each other and later giving conflicting accounts of what was said.

In a lengthy statement, Adelstein said he was “clearly scammed” with no evidence of wrongdoing. He further speculated that Lew may have been wearing a vibrating device used to signal her, but said it was impossible to know.

Lew has denied any wrongdoing and challenged her opponent to a head-to-head rematch: “After I’m confirmed, let’s go heads-up. The whole world can watch me read all day.”

Match organizers are now investigating what could be one of the biggest poker tournament cheating scandals.

HCL said investigators could perform a lie detector test after initially saying there was “no evidence or evidence of wrongdoing other than allegations by the parties involved.”

It comes as investigators investigate a scandal during a chess tournament when a teenager defeated Magnus Carlsen, widely regarded as one of the greatest chess players of all time, leading to allegations of cheating. Robbi Jade Lew cheats: In the “biggest scandal” in poker history

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