Ron DeSantis PAC addresses Trump’s sore points in new attack ad


A new ad from the super PAC supporting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign is fueling Donald Trump.

The former president likes to present himself as strong, sharp and energetic.

But Never Back Down’s new spot manages to attack Trump on all three counts and portray him as too scared to participate in next week’s Republican presidential debate.

“We cannot afford a candidate who is too weak to debate. We need a candidate with stamina, a candidate who is astute,” says the off-voice and then cuts to excerpts in which Trump stammers through an interview:

DeSantis was once considered Trump’s main competitor for the 2024 presidential nomination. According to polls, he was on par with the former president and in some cases he even hit him Cases.

But his obsessions with “waking up” have not resonated with voters, and he is losing prominence in the polls. Most now show Trump holding a 30- to 40-point lead over the Florida governor. who dropped to third place in some cases.

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