Ron DeSantis said “pudding” in an interview and you know what happened next


Twitter users have caught the latest reference to pudding from 2024 Republican presidential nominee Ron DeSantis.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked DeSantis in an interview that aired Tuesday if he thought his move to the right was angering voters, as he trailed former President Donald Trump by about 30 percentage points in the polls.

“I don’t think it’s true. The proof is in the pudding.” DeSantis repliedand referred to his record in Florida.

DeSantis’ dessert-themed idiom immediately prompted critics to recall how he reportedly ate chocolate pudding with three fingers during a private flight in 2019 The Daily Beast reported on it in March.

DeSantis subsequently denied the report, but the alleged incident sparked ridicule from late-night comedians and even inspired a crude Trump campaign ad.

His apparently unintentional reference to this caused ridicule online:

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