Rotunda’s “master” an anachronism in a maternity hospital


An opportunity for women in leadership positions was missed when the majority-male selection committee did not select a woman for the position of head of Rotunda Hospital (‘lack of gender balance in interview panel for Rotunda master was ‘a spectacular own goal’,’ Irish Independent, 29. March).

Isn’t it time to ditch the misogynistic and anachronistic title of “master” for the position of CEO of an all-women’s hospital, along with other maternity hospitals, in favor of a more gender-sensitive name?

Brendan Butler

Malahide, Co Dublin

Pension reform a fig leaf for predatory instincts of the FG/FF

So there we have it, straight from the government. The long-proposed auto-enrollment pension scheme is not, as we’ve been repeatedly told, for a better quality of life in retirement. It seems those who were priced out by tax-backed vulture and cuckoo funds to buy their homes can continue paying rent to the same companies until they retire.

The reason they have to rent is because FF and FG have rewarded these vulture/cuckoo funds with lucrative tax breaks for building apartment blocks and housing estates.

Anthony McGeough

Kingswood Heights, Dublin 24

Fill the tills with paper cups while the virus is still raging

I am very confused about the new fee that applies to all paper cups. I’m buying from a well-known brand whose mug says it’s fully compostable. The advice regarding Covid was to use single use cups.

We’re being told Covid is more prevalent than ever, but we’re being taxed for trying to do the right thing in these trying circumstances.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to insist on compostable cups everywhere, or is it an exercise to fill the coffers with more taxes?

Aine Holt

Dublin 15

Climate lobby focus a blessing for consumer ideology

I wonder if Greta Thunberg would get as much airtime and podium spots if she attacked the excesses of consumption or even critiqued the capitalist system with its inherent profit motive and its need for continued economic growth?

However, the focus within the climate change industry is in many ways a boon for capitalism. Instead of advocating greater use and investment in public transport, the solution appears to be electric cars and the resulting increase in production.

The armaments industry is also not getting the criticism it deserves. Three percent of US military spending could end world hunger (, which amounts to $30 billion a year.

The US military budget has exceeded $1 trillion every year lately.

The aspects I have outlined above, but which seem to have been marginalized by the climate lobby, I believe would be necessary to truly tackle climate change and save the planet from environmental degradation.

Louis Shawcross

Hillsborough, Co. Down

Ireland has changed since WWII, so should neutrality

We need to review our attitude towards neutrality. There is no official agreement with Britain similar to the Monroe Doctrine in the US.

It was always assumed that defense plans to protect Britain would also cover us. Our military is very basic and limited to UN missions.

However, our membership of the EU cannot be limited to financial and social matters.

If a situation arises that poses a military threat to an EU country, we are expected to participate by using airports, transport and communications facilities.

It is unlikely that our defense forces would be expected to have ground forces to fight against a modern army equipped with main battle tanks, missiles and aircraft.

We should not get too attached to an absolute neutrality established during World War II. Our commitments have changed significantly over the past 40 years.

Brian Patrick McArdle

Newbridge, Kildare

No light at the end of the electricity price tunnel

WITH the recent large increases in power, it seems very unlikely that we will see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Leo Gormley

Dundalk, Co. Louth Rotunda’s “master” an anachronism in a maternity hospital

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