RTE viewers all shared the same complaint when Swoman returned for a second season with a big change

RTE viewers all share the same complaint that S Mother is back tonight for a second season.

The popular show is back on Irish screens this evening with a big twist, when Denis’ long-lost son Finn makes an appearance.

Val finds out that someone broke into her house


Val discovers an intruder in his house
Denis' long-lost son, Finn


Denis’ long-lost son, Finn

At the end of last season, Rory admitted to Val that he was the one who caused the fire – not Elaine – but never told anyone and let Elaine believe it was her.

Val finds a bloody document in Elaine’s house and confronts her about it – and she admits to killing Denis.

The family learns the truth about what happened and Elaine tells her how to come to the garden in the morning but Rory falls into the trap and confesses to the crime.

Rory tells Anna it’s the right thing to do because Rory – who doesn’t have long to live due to a brain tumor – won’t make it through the trial and Val convinces the family that it’s for everyone’s best. .

At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Denis did not die from a fall but was instead left alone when Elaine found him at the bottom of the cliff still alive.


Tonight, Anna, Callum, and Jacob spread Rory’s ashes in a place special to them. Anna pays tribute to Rory as the whole family mourns his death.

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Anna is outraged that Rory lied to cover up Denis’s real killer, but Val urges her to move on.

Elaine is worried about Anna telling the truth. Val dismisses Elaine’s concerns but Elaine threatens her.

Callum had flashbacks to ask his father the truth about Denis’ murder while he was dying in the hospital but got no answer.

Elaine and Callum scattered the remaining ashes over the sea. Callum confides in Elaine and tells of his suspicions that his father is not the real killer.

Elaine tells Callum that she has a job and is moving closer to her sons. Elaine shows Jacob the house and tells Anna she won’t check in with her before visiting.

Elaine later bought a house right next to Val.

Joe and Cathy had a baby but there was some tension between them. Grace – their son’s godmother – offered to help them.

Grace overhears Joe and Cathy arguing. Grace took care of the baby when Cathy broke down.

While walking with newborn Cathy, Grace noticed a mark on the boy’s leg.


Finn Aherne – who reveals himself to be Denis’ son – shows up on Val’s doorstep from Manchester.

He reveals that Frank has written to him and Val confronts Frank about this.

Frank welcomes Finn to the family, but Jenny, Anna and Grace are all suspicious.

Anna emphasizes how Denis has kept “another secret” from everyone and Finn is curious as to what she wants to say.

Finn asks Grace about her incident at sea and she tells him to stay away from her.

He then goes to Jenny to learn more about the family and tells her that his mother passed away when he was 7 years old.

Finn tells Elaine that he knows she killed Denis. Mairead and Val suspect Finn and Val showing discomfort around him.

Frank says he’ll find Finn because no one else is.

Finn approaches Jacob and Callum on the beach. Jacob tried to teach Finn about hurdles but Callum ignored and ignored him.

Alannah tells Finn about Val and Denis’ broken marriage and makes the announcement on the night of the party.

After chatting with Jenny, Finn rummaged through Alannah and Frank’s kitchen cabinets and stole some money.


Jenny was warned she would be fired if she stepped out of line again after stealing from the clinic.

Jenny demanded Val’s money but after she told her this was the last loan, Jenny went to Frank instead.

At the end of tonight’s dramatic episode, Jacob wakes Val for fear of an intruder. Val later finds “liar” written on her bedroom mirror in lipstick.

RTE viewers all shared the same complaint that there was no recap, as fans struggled to remember what happened in season one.

Bibi tweeted: “I need a summary!”

Anthony said: “Hey # mom A recap from season one would be very helpful.”

Brian wrote: “#mom will need a family chart and a good recap for season two”.

Maeve tweeted: “Pressed pause, will have to watch the first season again. Literally all forgotten, is this a pandemic thing…”

“I can’t remember what happened last week, never mind last year ffs #s mother,” Lindsey said.

Another fan added: “A recap would be great.

Anna mourns Rory's death


Anna mourns Rory’s death
Val is threatened by Elaine


Val is threatened by Elaine
Everyone doubts Finn


Everyone doubts Finn

https://www.thesun.ie/tv/8179944/rte-all-have-same-complaint-smother-returns-twist/ RTE viewers all shared the same complaint when Swoman returned for a second season with a big change

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