RTE viewers call S Mom’s Finn a ‘sneaky devil’ as he tries to get information from family members

RTE viewers called S mom’s Finn a “sneaky devil” as he tried to get information from the Ahern family.

Mommy give back hit Irish theaters last week with a big twist, when Denis’ long-lost son Finn appeared.

Finn tried to get information about Denis


Finn tried to get information about DenisCredit: rte
Val tells Grace that she will bribe Finn to leave


Val tells Grace that she will bribe Finn to leaveCredit: rte

In last week’s episode, viewers learned that Rory had passed away as Anna, Callum, and Jacob mourned his death.

Anna is outraged that Rory lied to cover up Denis’s (Elaine) real killer, but Val urges her to move on.

Elaine is worried about Anna telling the truth. Val dismisses Elaine’s concerns but Elaine threatens her.

Callum searches for answers and tries to uncover the truth behind Denis’ murder. He confides in Elaine and tells of his suspicions that his father is not the real killer.

Elaine bought a house right next to Val to be closer to her sons and told Anna she wouldn’t check with her before visiting.

Joe and Cathy had a baby but there was some tension between them. Grace – their son’s godmother – helped them out and discovered a mark on the boy’s leg.

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Finn Ahern – who reveals himself to be Denis’ son – shows up on Val’s doorstep from Manchester and reveals that Frank has written to him.

Frank welcomes Finn to his family but Jenny, Anna, Grace, Val and Mairead are suspicious.

Finn tries to get information about Denis and his family by talking to everyone privately.

However, Grace tells him to stay away from her and Callum ignores his attempts to bond.

Finn tells Elaine that he knows she killed Denis.

Alannah tells Finn about Val and Denis’ broken marriage and makes the announcement on the night of the party.

Elsewhere, Jenny was warned she would be fired if she stepped out of line again after stealing from the clinic.

Jenny demanded money from Val but after being told this was the last loan, Jenny went to Frank instead.

At the end of the dramatic episode, Jacob wakes Val for fear of an intruder. Val later finds “liar” written on her bedroom mirror in lipstick.


Tonight, Val suspects Finn to be at fault for the lipstick stain on the mirror.

Val tells Grace that she will bribe Finn to leave. Grace warns her about using money to solve her problems.

Finn confronts Val about Grace threatening him and urges Val to drop hints that he is looking for money.

Frank offered Finn a job on his website.

Foreman Tommy asks Frank about his salary because he hasn’t received it yet.

Tommy and his crew packed up their things and told Frank they wouldn’t work without a paycheck.

Anna resented that Callum and Jacob grew closer to Elaine.

Elaine hands Jacob a phone. Anna argued with Elaine about what was best for the boys.

Anna tells Elaine that she is taking the boys back to Singapore and threatens Elaine not to do anything about it.

Val tries to dissolve the tension. Elaine tells Val that she will seek full legal custody if Anna takes her sons away from her. Val tells Elaine that she will “make sure” the boys stay in Clare.


Callum extended an olive branch and went swimming with Finn, who noticed the scars on Callum’s body.

Finn also has scars on his body but doesn’t tell Callum where they come from.

Grace confides in Joe and they kiss. Finn sees the kiss taking place in the cafe.

Alannah offers to rent out her apartment in Dublin to Grace if she needs space.

Grace asks Cathy about the mark on her son’s foot. Cathy insults Grace and tells her to leave.

Grace officially opened her cafe. Joe tells Grace he loves her and asks her if she wants to save their relationship.

A brick is thrown through the window of the Grace cafe and the glass breaks, injuring Val and Finn. Police were called to the scene.

Jenny treats Finn’s wounds and they flirt. After a romantic walk, Finn kissed Jenny.

Anna, Grace and Val wonder who the culprit is. Grace blames Val for persuading her to continue opening after breaking in. Grace kicked them out.

Finn tells Frank that he met Denis before he died more than once and that Denis was the one who told him to come see his family.

Finn watched Val sleep as he waited for Callum to go swimming for the evening. Callum tells Finn that he is trying to find out who really killed Denis and Finn offers to help.

RTE viewers took to Twitter and told how “sneaky” Finn had been.

Mags said: “Finn is a #nosy motherfucker”.

Philip tweeted: “#Mom #FinnAhern is a dodgy character the way he stealthily stalks every character”.

Pamela shared a gif that reads: “I’m very, very sneaky sir” and captioned it: “Finn Ahern #S Mom”.

Grace officially opened her cafe


Grace officially opened her cafeCredit: rte

https://www.thesun.ie/tv/8215320/rte-smother-finn-sneaky-devil-information-family/ RTE viewers call S Mom’s Finn a ‘sneaky devil’ as he tries to get information from family members

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