Rudy Giuliani traveled to Mar-A-Lago on a humbling mission: CNN


Giuliani, a former Trump attorney, and his own attorney, Robert Costello, met twice with Trump at his home in late April to “discuss Giuliani’s seven-figure legal fees and make several arguments about paying Giuliani’s bills ultimately being in Trump’s best interests.” lay”. The news channel wrote, citing a source “familiar with the matter.”

Trump, who previously criticized Giuliani for his efforts to reverse the 2020 election, remained unperturbed and made a vague verbal pledge to help him, the source said.

According to various sources who spoke to CNN, Trump agreed to attend two fundraisers for Giuliani, and one of his PACs paid $340,000 to cover Giuliani’s bill at a data storage company.

Giuliani is mired in legal and financial troubles, mostly Trump-related.

He was indicted this week for conspiring with Trump and other allies to fraudulently overturn election results in swing state Georgia.

He is being sued by Dominion and Smartmatic for spreading lies that their polling services won the 2020 election in President Joe Biden’s favour. He’s also sued for defamation by two Georgia poll workers and by a former employee who says he forced her to have sex.

“There are a lot of bills that he doesn’t pay,” his attorney Adam Katz said in court on Wednesday. per CNN. “I think that’s very humiliating for Mr. Giuliani.”

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