Runescape 3 Slayer guide

Everything you need to know before you start Slaying

Runescape Slayer is a members-only skill that allows players to level up upon the completion of various slayer tasks and quests. Every player gets a slayer with the task to kill a specific number of creatures before progressing to the next stage. You also get the chance to substitute different slayer monsters for another variety depending on the similarity. The difficulty of each task varies depending on the creatures the slayer master assigns to you. If the higher the level, the better the rewards and skills you get. You unlock unique and valuable RuneScape items as you kill different slayer monsters along your path.

Training Slayer

Slayer is one of the best ways to gain combat and invention experience. Whether you have a trained account or not, Slayer training is always a useful option to boost your level and combat training. You get different slayer creatures in various levels that will possess a decent number of charms and money which you can use in different situations. 

However, you get little rewards and bonuses at the low level which may not be enough to purchase some RuneScape items or abilities. You can buy RS3 gold to acquire useful items needed along the way. 

You can never get tired of training slayer as it unlocks special monsters you can kill to earn some money and skills. The monsters at higher levels will earn better rewards once you can kill them. Training your slayer up to 109 will unlock the magister Boss that 

Useful Skills

There are a ton of skills available on the Runescape Slayer mode. However, you will find a few of them very useful as you progress up different levels. Here is a list of the most important skills to pick you in Slayer. 


This is a skill that gives you the chance to work up your gear to benefit you by giving you damage boosts or speeding up your tasks.


Summoning is another skill that helps you bring forth familiars to help you keep the RuneScape items you may need. Combat, Beast of Burden, and Healers are three Familiars that are most useful when faced with high-level slayer tasks. You can use this to hold items like lux to heal your character or even cause damage. This inventory is very useful in slaying as it can hold as much as 240 items per hour with extra spaces for carrying other important items and loots.


This is a skill that allows you to gain access to different slay dungeons which can be used to speed up kills, get extra spots, and even unlock some special monsters. Level 99 dungeoneering along with other perks is a powerful combo to access new moves like the teleport option.


Once you get to a level 90, you will find Prayer to be a very useful Skill. This skill allows you to access curses that perform different abilities. As you level up you get more unique abilities and curses like damage boosting available at level 95. You can use skills like Turmoil, Torment, or Anguish to boost your kills per hour and level up quickly. Malevolence and Desolation are also abilities that offer better bonuses. However, they are more expensive and require more RuneScape gold to unlock. You may need to buy RS3 gold if you do not have enough to purchase these items. 


Herblore is a skill that allows you to create powerful potions depending on their use. For instance, can either boost your stats or create an effective potion that gives you the ability to defeat dragons by gathering the right ingredients.

Useful RuneScape items

Here are some of the most essential RuneScape items and gears you need in Runescape Slayer. Some of these RuneScape items require RS3 gold to make a purchase.

Slayer helmet

This gear gives you more damage and accuracy in attack. It is arguably the most important gear when slaying monsters on-task and can heal you or give you more prayer points. There are different slayer helmets and they vary in price and damage effect. You might want to get a helmet with high damage and accuracy buff to maximize the potential. This usually costs about 100,000 engineering tokens which may require you to buy RuneScape gold to pick up one for your character.

Other useful RuneScape items include:

  • Charming IMP
  • Auras
  • Drop cleaner items
  • Blood Amulets
  • Amour spikes
  • Dungeoneering necklace


Questing is an excellent way to begin the game. Some tasks are unavailable not blocked unless you gather the required quest points to unlock the tasks. For every 50 quests points gathered, players get extra tasks with higher rewards and bonuses. You will want to prioritize playing lots of quests to get as many unique rewards as possible. Here is a list of quests available and the rewards attached upon completion:

  • Smoking Kills: Unlocks Sumona and the ability to construct slayer helms.
  • Hard Karamja Tasks: Allows access to Gemstone cavern.
  • Plague’s End: Unlocks Morvran and the rest of Prifddinas.
  • Ritual of the Mahjarrat: Unlocks bane ammunition and also allows access to Glacor Cave. (Partial requirement for rune dragon access)
  • The Jack of Spades: Allows players with 99 Slayer to access the Slayer Codex and personal dungeon.
  • Icthlarin’s Little Helper: Allows access to Sophanem Slayer Dungeon.    
  • Fate of the Gods: Allows access to the first wing of Freneskae. Partial requirement for rune dragon access.
  • Children of Mah: Allows access to the rest of Freneskae.
  • One of a Kind: Allows access to Dragontooth Island resource dungeon.
  • The World Wakes: Full completion provides a ring capable of teleporting to the World Gate and allows access to Guthix’s Cave.

Slayer is a necessary training skill you need to fulfill you to do to build your character and gather enough skills and RuneScape items. Without a proper guide, you may find it difficult to navigate your way through the slayer training process. 

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