Russia deploys tank-targeting ‘smart mines’ that leap 100 feet in the air and rain down explosives – World News

The deadly PTKM-1R was found in a field in Ukraine this week, amid fears the technologically advanced landmines could pose a threat to military and civilians

The PTKM-1R is an advanced new model of tank target acquisition "smart mine"
The PTKM-1R is an advanced new model of “smart mine” for tanks.

Russian troops have begun deploying a new type of tank-targeting “smart mine” never seen before on the battlefield.

The deadly PTKM-1R can launch itself up to 100 feet in the air if its target rolls within 100 yards, scan the ground and then fire an explosive at it from above.

Reportedly presented to the Russian military in 2020, the mine was compared to the US Army’s M-93 “Hornet” wide-area munition, which uses seismic and acoustic sensors to identify potential targets nearby.

A PTKM-1R was spotted in Ukraine on April 26 in a staggering new development as the conflict rages on. The telegraph reports.

It is believed that the weapon was introduced to the Russian military in 2020



A photo posted to Twitter and reportedly taken earlier in the week shows the mine placed on the ground in a field with its eight legs folded outward.

The mines can theoretically distinguish between tanks and civilian cars, but their presence in Ukraine has raised concerns about the safety of civilians who might come across one.

Four directional acoustic sensors and seismic sensors are triggered when a target vehicle approaches within 100 m of the mine, at which point a projectile trajectory is calculated.

When its sensors detect a nearby target, the mine launches an explosive projectile into the air



The lead then inclines at a 30 degree angle towards the tank.

When in range, a 6.2-pound warhead is launched up to 100 feet in the air while the mine’s infrared censors scan the ground below for the target.

An explosive metal projectile is then fired with sufficient velocity to penetrate almost three inches of steel armor – and the whole terrifying process takes only a few seconds.

The warhead can be launched up to 100 feet in the air



The Ukrainian military relies on armored tanks to protect the nation from invading Russian forces.

Modern tanks are typically made from lightweight ceramic alternatives to steel, making them easier to maneuver but now vulnerable to a targeted attack from above as the turrets on the tank are weaker.

In November, the Russian military released a YouTube video that recorded in slow motion the moment a PTKM-1R hit an unmanned tank.

It remains unknown whether the mines successfully knocked out Ukrainian tanks at this point.

Armored tanks are vulnerable to an attack from the air


Victor Berezkin/ZUMA Press Wire Service/REX/Shutterstock)

Russia’s use of landmines in the occupied country has been notorious since the invasion began in February.

Evacuation routes for Ukrainian civilians have been covered with explosives, intending to drive them to Russia or Belarus instead, in a move described as “incredibly cynical” by Europe Secretary James Cleverly.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has also accused Russian soldiers of leaving active mines on the bodies of the dead.

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