Russia is unknowingly arming Ukraine with the latest war tanks while soldiers flee the battlefields

Ukraine has reportedly started fielding Russia’s most advanced active-duty main battle tank, the T-90, after reports that Russian soldiers have abandoned their equipment in the face of recent Ukrainian advances.

“Thanks to the generosity of the Russian Federation, the first batch of new T-90A tanks entered service [the Ukrainian Army]” said the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (MOD) in a expression published Thursday.

Russia has reportedly touted the T-90 as some of the country’s most advanced tanks in its arsenal, much of which is made up of older vehicles like the T-72.

The latest variant of the T-90 series, the T-90M “Proryv” – Russian for “breakthrough” – offers improved protection, mobility and firepower compared to its predecessors.

However, according to Business Insider, the T-90s didn’t live up to the hype surrounding the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

At least 12 T-90As and one T-90M were destroyed in the ongoing conflict, according to Oryx, an open-source analysis project that tracks military equipment losses.

The project confirmed the destruction of a total of 1,328 Russian tanks in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, another dozen T-90As and another T-90M have been captured in Ukraine so far, Oryx reported.

The Ukrainian military announced almost a month ago that it had captured a T-90M in the partially Russian-held Kharkiv region of Ukraine.

Russian forces in the region gave up heavy weapon and supply depots during a disorganized retreat in the face of a recent Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Russia is now reportedly the largest supplier of heavy weapons to Ukraine after the latter made recent profits.

Amid its losses, Russia has begun to equip its armed forces with older tanks such as the T-62, a Soviet-era vehicle that first entered service in 1961.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said in its statement on Thursday that Russia was “particularly generous” as the Russians were restoring their T-62 tanks while Ukraine began fielding T-90As.

Russia appears to still be producing T-90s, which some Russian media sources pointed to as evidence of the resilience of the country’s arms industry, Business Insider reported.

Uralvagonzavod, the world’s largest main battle tank manufacturer, announced in early August that it had delivered a batch of T-90Ms to the Russian military.

The discovery of French optronic technology in a T-90 captured by Ukrainian forces has reportedly still raised questions about the durability of the supply chains supporting the tank’s production.

Russian soldiers drive T-90 tanks during a rehearsal for the Victory Day Parade in central Moscow’s Red Square, May 7, 2015.REUTERS/Grigori Dukor

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