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Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to be eager to lift unexploded missiles and secret encryption devices from the sunk cruiser Moskva, to the embarrassment of Moscow.

The Moskva ship sank after allegedly being hit by a Ukrainian missile
The Moskva ship sank after allegedly being hit by a Ukrainian missile

Russia has launched a large operation to recover the wreck of the cruiser Moskva.

Experts suspect Vladimir Putin’s navy – humiliated by the sinking of the Black Sea fleet – is aimed at raising unexploded missiles and top-secret cryptographic devices.

There may have been an attempt to bring the bodies to the surface.

After the sinking, Ukrainian sources confirmed that it was likely that a nuclear missile was on board the Moskva, but the Pentagon said it had no evidence of this.

A 315ft-long rescue vessel took part in the operation, which Russian sources said was aided by a submarine sent to the site on Friday from the naval port of Sevastopol.

This comes amid relatives of dozens of “missing” sailors, whom Russia refuses to acknowledge as dead.

Moscow is Moscow’s flagship in the Black Sea fleet



Putin’s Defense Ministry said in a brief new statement that one sailor was killed – lieutenant Ivan Vakhrushev – and 27 were missing.

It’s not clear if this number is accurate, but many parents fear the worst and assume their enlisted son is dead.

In a statement, the US Department of Defense confirmed the ship sank on April 14 due to a fire that damaged the ship amid ammunition explosions.

Ukraine claims to have sunk the Moskva with two attacks using Neptune missiles, a Western-backed version.

A map showing the location of the wreck of the Moskva



According to reports, the world’s oldest warship – the 108-year-old Kommuna rescue ship, built during the reign of tsar Nicholas II – was placed above the mined wreck.

The ship is described as a “floating platform”, used to hoist cargo from the seabed.

The Russians did not attempt to salvage the entire missing battleship.

A US defense official, quoted by Forbes, said: “It would be an enormous engineering task, trying to get that ship to the surface…

The Russians did not find a way to salvage the entire missing warship


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“We haven’t seen any indication that they’re interested in doing that.”

The Forbes report suggests that Russia may be looking to obtain “cryptographic material – radios and keys indicating secret codes – as well as any weapons or logs that a foreign power may be interested in.” .

Regarding the possibility of nuclear weapons on board the Moskva, a Pentagon official said: “We had no indication that there were nuclear weapons on board the Moskva when it crashed.”

Among the names revealed by relatives to be missing and presumed dead after the sinking of the Moscow ship are: 19-year-old Nikita Efremenko from Priozersk, Leningrad region, 19-year-old Andrey Tsyvov from Crimea, Nikita Syromyasov, 20 years old from Crimea, Leonid Savin, 18 or 19 years old, from Alupka, Yegor Shkrebets, 20 years old from Yalta, Mark Tarasov, 24 years old from St Petersburg, Sergey Grudinin, 21 years old from the Amur region, Danil Gerok, 22 years old from Lobnya, Moscow region, and Ivan Frantin, 23 years old from Karelia, and Ivan Kutnyak.

Vladimir Putin is said to be keen to retrieve unexploded rockets and secret codes from the wreck



Angry parents have faced “lies” and “bullying” by the authorities against their missing conscript sons, whom Putin has promised not to be included. hot war.

However, they were among the 510 crew of the 14 April attack.

Some loved ones have been warned that they will not receive a financial “compensation” for the death of their loved one if they go to the media.

Even so, the brave Dmitry Shkrebets, father of Yegor Shkrebets, has launched a campaign to expose the truth about what happened to the warship – and their sons – facing the wall of containment. from the Russian government.

He quashed the “lies” and demanded punishment for the “scum” who sent the “boys” – forced into mandatory military service – to their deaths.

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“All the guilty must be punished for what they did. Or rather, what they didn’t do,” he told The Current Times.

“Because these boys – 19-20 years old – shouldn’t have been there during these surgeries.

“They should have landed in Sevastopol.

A week after the frenzied mother, Olesya Dubinina, requested a rescue operation in the hope that her son, Nikita Syromyasov, was still alive, trapped in sealed air bubbles in the wreck.

“We urgently need to start a rescue operation. Sure enough, when it sank there were still people alive – wounded, unconscious. Certainly, there are parts of the ship that haven’t been flooded yet,” she said.

However, there is no realistic hope that survivors will be found.

First Class Captain Anton Kuprin, 44, was among the survivors, it is well understood.

It is reported that Vice Admiral Igor Osipov, commander of the Black Sea Fleet, has been arrested after the sinking of the ship.

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