Russian state TV broadcasts stinging attack on Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine – World News

A guest on a Russian state TV show presented by Vladimir Soloviyev criticized the invasion with one expert comparing it to the humiliation the country endured in Afghanistan.

Guest on Russian state TV channel criticized Putin
Guest on Russian state TV channel criticized Putin

Russian state TV guests hit out at the invasion of Ukraine and risked the wrath of Vladimir Putin by challenging him on a popular primetime show.

Thousands of people have protested in Russian cities after the invasion of their neighboring country, many of whom see Ukrainians as their brothers, and the authorities have threatened critics of the war with 15 years in prison.

But with state media backing the invasion of Ukraine, most Russians seem to support it – and Putin’s control of journalists has kept him in power without significant opposition. .

Now, however, on a show hosted by Vladimir Soloviyev, a staunch supporter of the Putin regime, guests have openly criticized the attack on Ukraine with one person saying it was like ” Afghanistan but it’s even worse.”

Using Afghanistan as an example is significant in Russia because it is seen as a military humiliation – given that the country stayed in the country for 10 years before withdrawing in 1989.

Invasion of Ukraine has been slammed by some experts



Soloviyev has even agreed that this week’s shelling of a maternity hospital in Mariupol is “fake news” – claiming the building is now being used by the Ukrainian military.

However, he was left behind by comments on his Thursday night show, where they questioned what the Russians were doing in Ukraine.

Karen Shakhbnazarov, a filmmaker and political commentator, delved into the decision to invade Ukraine on Russia 1.

“The war in Ukraine paints a scary picture, it has a very heavy effect on our society. Ukraine, no matter how you see it, is somewhere where Russia has thousands of human connections,” he said, reporting Daily Beast.

Putin relies on the support and backing of state television


Alexei Nikolsky / TASS)

“The suffering of a group of innocent people does not compensate for the suffering of other innocent people… I don’t see the probability of the destruction of such a large country. We need to bring up 1.5 million. soldiers to control them all.”

“The most important thing in this scenario is to stop our military action,” he added.

Shakhbnazarov confirmed the country’s line that the war was caused by the United States but he said a “humanitarian disaster” would also turn Russia’s allies like China and India against each other.

The host, one of the Russians already sanctioned by the EU and having had a villa in Italy confiscated, was annoyed by the analysis but also criticized by other guests.

Invasion of Ukraine is compared to the invasion of Afghanistan


AFP via Getty Images)

Semyon Bagdasarov, a Russian Middle East expert, agrees with Shakhbnazarov and says Russians need to prepare for “total isolation”.

He drew parallels with Afghanistan: “Let the Ukrainians do this themselves. We can’t do it for them… As for their neutrality, yes, we should get rid of them. , and that’s it.

“We don’t have to stay there longer than necessary… Do we need to go into another Afghanistan, but even worse? There are more people and they’re more advanced in dealing with weapons. We don’t need that. Enough… In terms of sanctions, the world has never seen such massive sanctions.”

Other media programs have also provided an insight into the war casualties in Ukraine with Russian soldiers killed, which also goes against the official view that the battle is going as planned.

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