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A Kremlin company commander in Ukraine complained that his men did not have telescopic sights, drones, night vision goggles and radios, and that some of his soldiers were using WWII sniper rifles

A Russian soldier revealed he was using a 1944 sniper rifle
A Russian soldier revealed he was using a 1944 sniper rifle

Russian troops live in stolen Ukrainian tents and use antiquated WWII sniper rifles.

A Russian company commander displayed the captured tents and other “war trophies” as he showed a pro-Kremlin journalist around his base in Ukraine’s Kherson region.

However, the Kremlin commander bitterly complained about the lack of equipment, claiming that he was short of telescopic sights, drones, night vision goggles and radios.

Some of his troops even used antique Mosin-Nagant sniper rifles, one of which dates back to 1943.

It comes after multiple reports of supply and equipment shortages within the Russian army.

The unnamed Kherson commander told pro-Kremlin journalist Patrick Lancaster: “The tents belonged to the escaped Ukrainian army.

A Russian company commander complained about bottlenecks


Patrick Lancaster / YouTube)

“They left them, so the tents are now our trophies that people live in. The cars are also trophies.

“We even have a field sauna. Also a trophy!”

However, the commander admitted that his troops lacked certain equipment.

“You see, we got some trophies. What we lack are drones… we lack scopes. We lack night vision goggles. And certainly we really need means of communication,” he said.

The commander admitted that his troops slept in stolen tents


Patrick Lancaster / YouTube)

The journalist also interviewed a Russian sniper platoon at the base.

The men used antiquated WWII Mosin-Nagant rifles.

One of the snipers said, “It’s (made in) 1943. Our grandparents fought with it.”

Another member of the platoon held up his rifle and showed the serial number proving it was made in 1944.

The Ukrainian label on the inside of the stolen tent now sheltering Russian troops


Patrick Lancaster / YouTube)

Mr. Lancaster is an American “journalist” who has been embedded in pro-Russian forces in recent years.

His YouTube video comes after numerous reports showed how woefully unprepared Russian troops were when they invaded Ukraine.

Military observers noted that Kremlin convoys appeared to move only during the day, likely because the crew did not have adequate night vision goggles.

Many Russian soldiers use analog radios to communicate on the battlefield.

It has allowed a community of online sniffer dogs to monitor and publicly share their communications, often revealing their plans and locations.

Meanwhile, the Russian army also appears to have neglected to invest in satellite mapping and GPS technology, as its soldiers struggled to navigate the country using outdated Soviet-era paper maps.

Ukrainian intelligence earlier said Russian units were sent into the country with enough rations for just three days, expecting the country to fall almost overnight.

CCTV footage showed Vladimir Putin’s soldiers looting stores to get supplies.

The commander even boasted about conquering a “field sauna”.


Patrick Lancaster / YouTube)

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However, the company commander in Kherson claimed his troops would eat three meals a day.

Putin’s forces recently gained ground in two areas of Ukraine collectively known as Donbass while blasting some cities into a wasteland.

The Kremlin is believed to be throwing more and more troops into the battle for Severodonetsk as Moscow courts have banned any media mention of the death toll.

If Severodonetsk falls into Russia’s hands, it means that Moscow has taken almost all of Luhansk – part of the Donbass.

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